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The Rainbow Fountain and Naia, the Fountain Faerie as seen in the Rainbow Fountain Card NeoDeck image.

The Rainbow Fountain is "an eternal waterfall of magical Faerieland water!" In some places it appears as a multi-colored river and waterfall, while in others it is simply blue. It currently exists in Faerieland and is attended by the Fountain Faerie. The waters of the fountain, when magical, will paint a Neopet almost any color. It was introduced in 2001 but its use has changed since that time.

Current Use[edit]

In its current state, the Rainbow Fountain will paint a user's pet almost any color is only active after a user has completed a quest for the Fountain Faerie. Fountain Faerie quests are the least common of the random faerie quests, with many users playing for years without receiving one. The item the Fountain Faerie requests is of high rarity (R 94-96) and, often, expensive. If a user simply visits the fountain without having a quest, they are met with the statement: My beautiful fountain is not working :( Unfortunately it seems that too many Neopets have bathed in these magical waters and have used up all the fountain's magical power. Oh well :( Maybe if you come back at another time you will be slightly more lucky!

If a user gets a quest, their job is to find the item the faerie has requested in either user shops, auctions, or trades, and return with it to the Quest Hut in the Faerie City where they give the item to the faerie. They are then then granted a single use of the Rainbow Fountain. The user can take as long as he or she likes to complete the quest and paint a pet, though the use of the Shop Wizard is blocked until the user has turned in the item at the Quest Hut. As mentioned earlier, there are certain colors that are not available through the Rainbow Fountain; 8-Bit, Ice, Magma, MSP, Quiguki, Robot, Royal, Sponge, and Usuki are all unavailable, even if the pet species is generally available in that color.

Original Use[edit]

Originally, the Rainbow Fountain was a reward to users for signing up with sponsors. Doing so would earn them coupons that could be used to paint their pets or change its species. While there were no restrictions on what species or colour your pet could be painted, at this early point in Neopets' history, neither the Draik nor Krawk existed and the only colour exclusive to the Lab Ray was Robot. The Rainbow Fountain was shut down after a few months, as is common for sponsor-related Freebies.

Related Items[edit]

There are eight Rainbow Fountain themed items floating around Neopia. Included among these are two books, a Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll, a Neocash background, and a miniature "Rainbow Fountain". The rarest of these items is called Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water (originally Flash of Rainbow Fountain Water), which can be found while fishing in the Underwater Fishing caves if a user's pet has a fishing ability above 87. Using it on a pet will randomly paint that pet any colour available for its species (unconfirmed colour results are Invisible, Biscuit, Usuki, Mallow and Zombie).

Suggestions and Notes[edit]

  • Compare the cost of the item needed to complete the quest to the cost of the Paint Brush before deciding to complete the quest.
  • A user can paint any of their pets or create a new pet to paint.
  • The user's active pet is the one which will be painted.
  • Painting a Buzz any colour will earn a user the Buzzin' avatar.
  • There is no time limit to complete the quest but, as with all of the random faerie quests, the user is prevented from utilizing the Shop Wizard until the item is turned in to the Quest Hut or the quest is declined.
  • After turning in the item, there is no time limit to paint a pet. If a second Fountain Faerie Quest becomes available, the first use of the fountain must be used before turning in the item for the second quest.
  • Though it is allowed to offer a Fountain Faerie Custom in a pet trade, it is against the rules for one user to paint another user's pet with their quest reward.

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