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History of the Shop Wizard and all the changes it has gone through needed, along with its impact on the Neopets economy
The Shop Wizard will help you find the best bargains. Make sure you don't trust him. Looks can be decieving!!!

The Shop Wizard (SW for short) is a JubJub released on (need date). Found in the The Neopian Marketplace, the Shop Wizard is always looking for bargains throughout Neopia, and with his magic can find specific items in user shops, and teleport other users to their locations.


  • 29 May, 2001- Price range searching enabled.
  • April 28, 2002- Shop Wizard searches limited to 30 per hour after previous unlimited searching. This was due to people using auto-refreshers and slowing down the site.
  • May 1, 2002- Shop Wizard search limit raised to 300.
  • 28 October, 2002- Minimum of 3 character searches put in place.
  • May 20, 2005- Gallery searching enabled.
  • June 27, 2006- Art updated for Shop Wizard.

Using the Shop Wizard[edit]

The Shop Wizard is used by many Neopians as a tool to find an approximate low price for almost any item in user shops. Besides used as a ways to buy certain items, users can gauge what they should price items in their own shops by comparing prices, along with the value of a certain item for use in the Trading Post.

To search the Shop Wizard, the name or part of the name must be entered into the search box on the Shop Wizard page, and the search button clicked. A user can also choose whether to search for the search term exactly as it is spelled or to search for object's names containing the search term. Additionally, a maximum and minimum price can be included to filter search results, and the user can set the Shop Wizard to search galleries instead of user-owned shops. There is a maximum of 300 Shop Wizard searches per hour.

The Shop Wizard doesn't search for the very lowest price of all items in Neopia, but searches groups of shops of roughly equal sized based on alphabetical order in rotation. While it is said to be this way because the Shop Wizard's powers are limited, this is in fact a system implemented by The Neopets Team to make the game fair, and make sure all users get a chance to have their items bought.

Faerie Quests[edit]

When a user has a Faerie Quest, they are unable to use the Shop Wizard. Because of this rule many guilds and communities with the purpose of helping others find their items have been created, because while one user is unable to use the Shop Wizard, another can. There is also a Quests section in the Neoboards for this purpose as well. However, when on a Snow Faerie Quest, they can do this. Users can help another user with their use of the Shop Wizard by either:

  • Giving the username of a shop owner with the item to the user.
  • Buying the item and putting it up in the Trading Post for the user.
  • Giving the item freely to the user.

Users which help others this way are sometimes called Quest Partners, who are usually two users who live in the same or similar time zones so as to help each other when it's needed.

Due to users capable of having multiple accounts, some users take advantage and finding their item using the Shop Wizard in a side account.

Super Shop Wizard[edit]

The Super Shop Wizard is an enhanced form of the Shop Wizard, and always finds the very cheapest of a searched item. The use is limited and random, and is only available for Premium members. It's unknown if the original Shop Wizard and the Super Shop Wizard are one and the same, or two different Jubjubs. They appear to be the same color and wearing the same outfit, but still no one is sure.


  • As of June 12, 2006, there 5 items featuring the Shop Wizard: a book, plushie, Usuki doll, Collectable Card and Stamp.
  • Back in 2000, there used to be 2 other known Shop Wizards, called Island Wizard (an old Mystery Island equivalent of the Shop Wizard) and Water Wizard (an old Maraquan equivalent). Both were Jubjubs, and the Island Wizard must have been the Shop Wizard for The Island Marketplace.

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