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Some examples of Usukis.

Not to be confused with Quigukis, Usukis are dolls which resemble Usuls. These collectible dolls are the Neopets equivalent of the Barbie Dolls by Mattel.

They are sold in Usukiland, a specialist shop in the marketplace. In this shop, you can get two avatars by viewing their Advertisement. This shop sells over 250 different Usuki Dolls, clothing sets, and accessory kits.



The Usuki Colour can only be obtained by using a Usuki Paint Brush on a Usul. A user can not get a Usuki pet through the Lab Ray or the Fountain Faerie. This paint brush can only be used to paint Usuls the "Usuki" colour or Quiggles the "Quiguki" colour. This colour is special as it is one of only three that are gender-specific, the others being Royal and Elderly. Male and Female Usuls painted with the Usuki Paint Brush get a different look depending on their gender when they are painted. If a user changes the pet's gender by battling the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome, or using a Strange Potion (which changes a pet's gender), it is possible to have a Female Usuki Boy or Male Usuki Girl.

Paper dolls[edit]

Users can print paper dolls of a Usuki or Hawaiian Usuki model and dress them in provided designs to create a "Super Fashion Playmate" (also it can be printed in black and white to be coloured). As of October 2010, 41 costumes can be printed.

Usuki Rejects[edit]

Usuki reject dolls are Usukis that are not up to the standard of official Usukis. One example of a Usuki reject is the Fun in The Sun Usuki Reject. Some rejects are worth more than the originals.

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