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Stamp Collector
Stamp Collector
ID # 346
World Neopia Central
Category Brain Busters
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The Stamp Album, introduced on September 5, 2002, is a Neopets site feature that allows users to collect and display specific sets of collectable items. Originally, the stamp album exclusively held stamps; however, it was later expanded to hold other types of collectables including coins, seashells, evil coconuts, and charms.

Users can place an item into their stamp album by clicking on that item in their inventory and then selecting "Put into your Stamp Album" from the drop down list. Once an item has been placed in a user's stamp album, it cannot be removed.

The stamp album is also a considered a game and is called "Stamp Collector" in the Games Room. In this game, users receive one point for every item in their stamp album. Like other games, Stamp Collector has a high score table and gives out trophies to top players.


Each page of the stamp album holds 25 specific items, all of which center around a common theme. In general, the first 20 items on each page have a lower rarity and thus are relatively easy to find, while the remaining 5 items are more rare and thus harder to find. There are currently 38 pages in the stamp album for users to fill.

Click on the links below to see the items needed to fill out each page:

Stamp Album Pages
Mystery Island Virtupets Tyrannia Haunted Woods Neopia Central
NeoQuest Snowy Valley Meridell vs. Darigan Lost Desert The Battledome
Coins Battle For Meridell NeoQuest II Other Space Station Coins
Evil Coconuts Sea Shells Maraquan Altador Shenkuu
Charms Other II Faerieland Scarabs Moltara
Maractite Coins Qasala Treasures of the Deep Krawk Island Neovia
Charms II Ghoul Catchers Other III Sea Shells II Neopia Central II
Tyrannia II Snowy Valley II Evil Coconuts II


There are seven avatars that users can unlock by completing certain pages of their Stamp Album:

StampsMystery2352.gif Stamp Collector - Mystery Island
Complete the Mystery Island stamp album page.
StampsVirtupets9764.gif Stamp Collector - Virtupets
Complete the Virtupets stamp album page.
StampsTyrannia3421.gif Stamp Collector - Tyrannia
Complete the Tyrannia stamp album page.
StampsHaunted3192.gif Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods
Complete the Haunted Woods stamp album page.
StampsDesert0013.gif Stamp Collector - Lost Desert
Complete the Lost Desert stamp album page.
Stampsbattledome1337.gif Stamp Collector - The Battledome
Complete The Battledome stamp album page.
Stampsfaerieland87393.gif Stamp Collector - Faerieland
Complete the Faerieland stamp album page.

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