Scarab 21

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Scarab 21
Scarab 21
ID # 70
World Lost Desert
Category Brain Busters, Card & Board, Luck & Chance
Cumulative, Single Game
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Scarab 21 is a card game in the Lost Desert where the user must make up columns totalling twenty one from dealt cards. Each game costs 50 NP to play until the player has earned the maximum 5000 NP from it in a day - for the rest of the day, the game may be played for free but no more Neopoints may be earned from it. It cannot be played by users under the age of 13.

How to play[edit]

Players start the game with a full deck of 52 cards. Each turn, they draw one card and must place it in one of five columns. Cards must be placed so as to total twenty one in a column - this earns the player points and clears the cards from the column. Face cards - jacks, queens, and kings - all have the value of ten, and aces may be worth one or eleven.

A card cannot be placed in a column if it would bring its total to more than twenty one - e.g. if a column totals fifteen, no card higher than a six may be played there. Up to five cards may be placed in any one column.

If the player is dealt a card that they cannot place in a column, their game is over and they must cash in their points.


Making twenty one in specific ways earns the player different amounts of points:

Play Description Score
Blackjack Make 21 with a face card and an ace. 21
Large 21 Make 21 with four or five cards. 15
7-7-7 Make 21 with three sevens. 15
6-7-8 Make 21 with a six, a seven, and an eight. 15
21 Make 21. 10
5 under 21 Make a column with five cards that totals less than 21. 5
Bonus Moves
Equal Board Make all the columns equal to each other. This will clear all the columns. 200
Full House Make 21 with a full house move - two of the same value and three of another value. 200
5 of a kind Make all five columns equal the same amount. 100
Straight Make all the columns at the same time total 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. 100
Double Blackjack Make two blackjacks in a row. 50
Super Blackjack Make a blackjack with the jack of spades and the ace of spades. 50


There are two types of tropies available from Scarab 21. One type of trophy is awarded from the Scarab 21 Cumulative high score table. The other is awarded from the Scarab 21 high score table, for the highest scores in a single game.

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