Ultimate Bullseye

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Ultimate Bullseye
Ultimate Bullseye
ID # 152
World Meridell
Category Action
High Scores
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Ultimate Bullseye is a now retired archery game set in Meridell, that was temporarily made playable again as part of the Games Master Challenge 2008. It was replaced by Ultimate Bullseye II. You could still play it as a mirror game.

How to Play[edit]

Use the up and down arrow keys to move the crossbow, keep the Space Bar down to build up power, and then release it to fire. Carefully aim the crossbow, compensating for wind, distance, and gravity. Higher scores are won for actually hitting the Bullseye, along with a power-up to use for the next shot. If you manage to get a bullseye on the last shot, you can keep on firing until you miss.


Type in "catapult" to gain a bonus, such as a ring of fire (2x score) or switching the target with Punchbag Bob (20 points if hit).


  • There is an item called the Jumbo Ultimate Bullseye Target which users can place in their Neogarden.

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