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More information on the different types of Treasure Maps and exact dates certain maps were released
Treasure Maps
Treasure Maps
ID # 78
World Neopia Central
Category Adventure, Puzzle
High Scores
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Treasure Maps is a collecting game released on February 29, 2000, where users are required to collect nine pieces of a map to find a buried treasure. Each actual map piece is an item, This means the pieces can be stolen, traded, sold, auctioned, turning into a Pile of Sludge, etc. Map pieces are acquired through a Random Event or bought through the Shop of a user who acquired it through a Random Event themselves.

Once used to obtain either a prize or access to a special service, depending on the map type, the nine pieces of each map are lost.


piece1.gif piece6.gif piece7.gif
piece2.gif piece5.gif piece8.gif
piece3.gif piece4.gif piece9.gif

The original treasure map rewards random items (4-5, trading cards among the most popular) and NP (6000-13000).


spookymap1.gif spookymap6.gif spookymap7.gif
spookymap2.gif spookymap5.gif spookymap8.gif
spookymap3.gif spookymap4.gif spookymap9.gif

Released on November 8th 2000, and awards 9 random spooky foods along with a random NP value (6000-15000).


oceanmap1.gif oceanmap6.gif oceanmap7.gif
oceanmap2.gif oceanmap5.gif oceanmap8.gif
oceanmap3.gif oceanmap4.gif oceanmap9.gif

Released on November 9th 2000, and awards 9 random aquatic foods (retired), a random NP value (unknown), and 1-2 levels gained for all your Neopets (sometimes none at all). Retired in ?, but map pieces can still be acquired through Random Events.

Secret Laboratory[edit]

labmap_01.gif labmap_06.gif labmap_07.gif
labmap_02.gif labmap_05.gif labmap_08.gif
labmap_03.gif labmap_04.gif labmap_09.gif

Released on November 13th 2000, and awards you a random NP value (7,000-30,000), along with access to the Lab Ray which is run by the Lab Ray Scientist. The Lab was announced on November 9th 2000 but pieces were not released until the 13th. He can zap a user's Neopet with the Lab Ray once per day, with a random (and permanent) outcome:

8-Bit, Ice, MSP, Robot, and Sponge are the only colours that are truly exclusive to the Lab Ray; all other colours can be attained through a Fountain Faerie quest, Chia Pop, or Paint Brush, though Robot can be painted using the no-trade item One-Use Robotification Zappermajig from the Return of Dr. Sloth plot.

On April 20, 2011, the Secret Laboratory Map pieces were updated with a new look. To celebrate, the Lab Ray Scientist gave 100 users free access to the Lab Ray.


space_map_01.gif space_map_06.gif space_map_07.gif
space_map_02.gif space_map_05.gif space_map_08.gif
space_map_03.gif space_map_04.gif space_map_09.gif

Released on October 2nd 2000, and rewards 3 random items, random NP value (3,000-12,000), and 1 level gained for all Neopets. Retired in ?. Pieces were awarded for completing a "treasure hunt" that involved visiting various pages on the site, each with a clue to the next page to visit.

Petpet Laboratory[edit]

petpetlab_01.gif petpetlab_02.gif petpetlab_03.gif
petpetlab_04.gif petpetlab_05.gif petpetlab_06.gif
petpetlab_07.gif petpetlab_08.gif petpetlab_09.gif

Announced on 3 August 2005, and can only be completed after the Secret Laboratory Map has been completed. Rewards a random NP value (8,000-12,000), and access to the Petpet Lab ray. A Neopet's Petpet can be zapped by this once per day, which randomly (and semi-permanently) changes the following properties:

  • Species of the Petpet
  • Colour of the Petpet
  • Level of the Petpet
  • Name of the Petpet
  • Make it disappear completely (small chance, but still possible)

Petpets who are zapped by the Petpet Lab ray are ineligible to be rewarded by the Petpet Protection League, as they deem it to be a cruel action against a Petpet.

Changes to the Petpet (other than complete destruction) can be reversed by unequipping it from the Neopet. This will reverse all changes, not just the most recent ones. The Petpet will be returned to its original form.

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