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This article is about the colour. For the shop, see The Chocolate Factory. For the annual event, see The Annual Chocolate Ball.
A Chocolate Chia

Chocolate is a colour of Neopet and Petpet. In general, Chocolate pets look like they are made out of chocolate and other sweets. Chocolate coloured Neopets were first released on February 18, 2005. Since there are no Chocolate Paint Brushes or Morphing Potions, Chocolate coloured Neopets can only be obtained by completing a Fountain Faerie Quest or by using the Lab Ray.

Chocolate Petpets were released along with the Petpet Lab Ray on August 3, 2005. Since using the Petpet Lab Ray is the only way of obtaining a Chocolate Petpet, and Petpets that have been zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray revert to their original form when removed from a Neopet, it is impossible for a user to have a Chocolate Petpet in their inventory. As such, Chocolate Petpets cannot be bought, sold, or traded.


The following Neopets are currently available in the Chocolate colour:


The following Petpets are currently available in the Chocolate colour:


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