Destruct-O-Match II

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Destruct-O-Match II
Destruct-O-Match II
ID # 453
World Tyrannia
Category Puzzles
High Scores
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There is a lovely patch of land, down by a stream that would just be a perfect place to build your Tyrannian village, but there is a problem. Boulders everywhere! Blue boulders, yellow boulders, red boulders... and they have to be cleared before you start building. This game is now in the Game Graveyard.

How to Play[edit]

In Destruct-O-Match II you have to group up boulders of the same colour, and then click to remove them. Only groups of 2 or more matching boulders can be removed in this way. The more boulders you clear at once the more points you earn, and to progress to the next level you need to achieve a certain number of points.

Some boulders have symbols on - if you manage to clear one of these boulders then something special will happen. Check the in-game instructions to find out what each icon does!

Typing "destroyboulders" when there are no more moves will randomly remove a certain colour boulder and hopefully give you another move. It is recommended to use this cheat in between levels and you will get an extra 200 points added to your score. This can only be used once during a game.

To play the old version type "boohooiwanttheoldgameback" when choosing your mode.


  • TPOSG appears when you click the bottom of the second bone in the title on the front screen
  • A game avatar can be yours when you send in a score of 2,500 or more.
  • The background title in the Game Page is used for Destruct-O-Match III.

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