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ID # 111
World Tyrannia
Category Action
High Scores
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Kacheekers is a multiplayer game released on (need date), which plays exactly like Draughts/Checkers. The aim of the game is to remove all of the opponents’ pieces before the opponent takes yours. Pieces are played on the dark squares of the playing field, and moved diagonally one row forward into an unoccupied space. If the space in front of a users piece are occupied with the opponents and there is an open space behind it, the user can "jump" their piece of it and remove it from the board.

Users can also "double jump" after making their first jump if another piece is capable of being jumped over by clicking the piece again, like two separate moves after the other. A third and forth jump can also be made as long the pieces are moving forward. Pieces can only move backward when they are "kinged" or "crowned", which occurs when a piece reaches the opposite end of the board.

Kacheekers is a game which does not reward Neopoints when played against users normally, but through monthly competitions held each month, which users sign up to participate in. Along with a trophy, the winners of the competition receive...

  • First Prize - 10,000 NP
  • Second Prize - 5,000 NP
  • Third Prize - 2,500 NP


  • As of December 2006, Kacheekers is featured in 5 different items, all of which are won from the Wheel of Monotony.
  • Users who run older web browsers may have troubles playing Kacheekers, and not be able to move their pieces.

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