Destruct-O-Match III

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Destruct-O-Match III
Destruct-O-Match III
ID # 999
World Tyrannia
Category Puzzles, New Releases
High Scores
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Destruct-O-Match III is the first game in Neopia to have a third remake. Following the same gaming style as DoM 1 & 2, the aim of the game is to match boulders of the same colour and then click to remove them. Only groups of 2 or more matching boulders can be removed in this way. The more boulders you clear at once the more points you earn, and to progress to the next level you need to achieve a certain number of points.

Additional modes and more power-ups were added to the remake.


Zen Mode: No points are awarded in this mode and you will never get game over. You can play for fun, practice, or stress relief.

Classic Mode: The most basic gameplay mode. Double click to clear the blocks and finish each level with as few blocks left over as possible. You must earn a certain number of points to continue to the next level (shown in the lower left hand corner), but there is no time limit, so take your time and plan it out.

Extreme Mode: There are no levels in this mode, every so often, a new row of blocks will come up from the bottom, pushing all the blocks closed to the top of the screen. Your job is to keep the blocks from hitting the top. If you manage to clear the entire screen, you will receive a 50 point bonus!

Double Trouble Mode: The gameplay for this mode is the same as classic mode, except you have two columns of blocks to deal with, as if you were playing two games at once. Remember that both sides are separate, nothing you do in one side will effect the other.

Double Trouble Extreme Mode: Extreme Mode... doubled! Gameplay for this mode is the same as extreme mode, but with two columns of blocks. Beware! If one column hits the top of the screen, your WHOLE game will be over. On a lighter note, if you clear one of the screens, you will receive a 25 point bonus!


  • Although not available when the game was released, the Destruct-O-Match avatar was made active again on January 9, 2009.
  • It can be obtained by submitting a score of 2500+.

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