Kiss the Mortog

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Kiss the Mortog
Kiss the Mortog
ID # 154
World Meridell
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Kiss the Mortog a luck-based game that costs 50 Neopoints to play. In this game, the player choose a Mortog and kisses it. If the player choose correctly, the Mortog will transform into a prince or princess and the player will move on to the next round. If the player chooses incorrectly, the Mortog will explode and the player will lose the game.

How to Play[edit]

During first round of the game, the player is presented with two Mortogs. Only one these two Mortogs will transform into a prince/princess when kissed. To play the game, the player simply clicks on the Mortog that they think is the correct one. There is no way to distinguish good Mortogs from bad, so choosing correctly is purely luck.

Each time the player picks the correct Mortog, they are given a choice: They can either stop the game and collect their winnings or they can move on to the next round. Each new round adds an additional Mortog to the game, decreasing the probability that the player will choose the correct one. Correspondingly, the number of Neopoints in the player's winnings also increases each round:

Round Number of Mortogs Winnings
1 2 100 NP
2 3 300 NP
3 4 1,150 NP
4 5 5,900 NP
5 6 35,000 NP
6 7 250,000 NP
7 8 2,000,000 NP


Since August 1, 2005, users have been able to unlock the following avatar by playing Kiss the Mortog:

Mortogkiss.gif Mortog Smooch
Collect your winnings after surviving Round 4 in the game Kiss the Mortog.


  • The gender of the player's active Neopet is what determines whether the Mortog changes into a prince or a princess. If the player's active Neopet is a male, the Mortog will change into a princess. If the Neopet is a female, the Mortog will change into a prince.

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