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Word Poker
Word Poker
ID # 229
World Krawk Island
Category Puzzle
High Scores
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Word Poker is a word game that was released on April 5, 2003. This game was created by Captain Roundhoof in order to teach his pirate crew grammar and spelling. In this game, players are given sets of letters and they must make as many words as they can with these letters within a time limit.

How to play[edit]

The game is played over six rounds. At the begin of each round, the player will be presented with a set of eight letters. The player will then have 90 seconds to create as many words using the provided letters as they can. Words must be at least three letters long to count, and proper nouns and profanity are not accepted. Each provided letter can only be used once per word. To enter a word, the player simply needs to type the word. As the player types the word, the letters from the top of the screen will move into the typing area show on the left side of the game screen. The player can use the backspace key to remove letters from their typed word. Once a player has finished typing their word, they can either press the enter button on their keyboard or click the Enter button on the game screen to submit their word. If their word is accepted, it will be added to the list of words displayed on the right side of the game screen.

At the end of each round, the player must pick a scoring category for their list of words. The amount of points that a player receives depends on which category that they pick. Each scoring category can only be used once per game:

Category Scoring
3 letters
  • 4 points for each three-letter word
4 letters
  • 6 points for each four-letter word
  • 30 bonus points for having ten or more four-letter words
5+ letters
  • 8 points for each word with five or more letters
  • 100 bonus points for having ten or more words that have five or more letters
Full House
  • 50 points for having 15 or more words
  • 100 points for having 25 or more words
  • The letter that starts the most words in the player's list of words is picked out.
  • The player receives 10 points for each word that starts with this letter
  • 1 point for each three-letter word
  • 2 points for each four-letter word
  • 5 points for each five-letter word
  • 7 points for each six-letter word
  • 10 points for each seven-letter word
  • 15 points for each eight-letter word

Additionally, the player receives 50 bonus points every time they create a seven or eight letter word, regardless of which category they choose.


  • The fonts used in this game are called Aquiline, Boister Black, Eraser Dust, and Incognitype.

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