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Krawk Island
Krawk island map 2011.png
Pronunciation: krok ahy-luhnd
Released: 5 September 2001
Yooyuball team: Team Krawk Island
Krawk Island - Warf Wharf

Krawk Island is a small tropical island eighty miles south of the coast of Mystery Island, discovered on 5 September 2001. It is inhabited by Krawks, a Petpet usually found in Tyrannia, and is a harbour of choice for Neopia's pirates. The Fungus Cave can be found here, which is where Krawk Petpets can be transformed into fully formed Krawks. The island is a popular location for pirates and because of that, the majority of the attractions on the island are pirate themed.

Krawk Island is notable for its use of Dubloons as its primary currency, rather than the much more widely accepted Neopoints.

Krawk Island is made of many smaller island that have been towed together and anchored to the sea floor. The founders of the island did this to make it harder for the Dread Pirate Sherman to raid them - one large island is more defensible than many small ones. In 2011 it was split back up into the small pieces by the Krawken and the player had to reassemble the island. Once complete, Krawk Island returned with a new design.


During the 2006 plot, the Cyodrake's Gaze, the Krawk Island port was visited by the ship.

Disappearance of Krawk Island[edit]

Krawk Island before the redesign
Main article: Disappearance of Krawk Island

In 2011, the Krawken broke up the island into small islets, leaving only Gavril McGill and his home on a small island where they used to be. He enlisted the help of the players to find uncover the reason for the disappearance which lead to the discovery of a book detailing the islands history. It was revealed at this point that Krawk island was originally made up of several small islands brought together and connected to the sea floor to help protect against the Dread Pirate Sherman.

The players first task was to search areas of the ocean for the missing islands using the ship The Surly Peadacle and its crew. As islands were discovered the player was rewarded with items. The second part of the plot involved bringing the islands back together by the player keeping their ship balanced through a sudoku-esque mini-game.

McGill, with the aid of Neopets players, retrieved the islets and redesigned the island. Throughout the event, McGill becomes increasingly ruthless and quite frequently calls his friends his underlings, going as far as appointing himself up as the governor of the reformed island after repairs were complete. To continue defending the island from being broken up in the future, McGill allows the player to fire his cannons at the Krawken, through the Anchor Management daily task, to scare it off.


Krawk Island[edit]

Warf Wharf[edit]

Warf Wharf

Warf Wharf is the main settlement on the island, and is also the island's main port.


Main article: Team Krawk Island

Having come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Krawk Island has been all over the finals and is one of the best teams in the league. With a nearly unstoppable offence and a nearly impenetrable defense, even the best goaltenders shudder when they see this team.


  • Although the island is recorded as 80 miles south of Mystery Island, it is also recorded as only 48 km, or 30 miles, south-west of Mystery Island on its Neopedia Article.

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