Snow Wars

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Snow Wars
Snow Wars
ID # 55
World Terror Mountain
Category Card & Board, Luck & Chance, Puzzle
High Scores
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Snow Wars is a PHP-based game that plays similar to Battleship. Players' pieces are arranged randomly on a board, each piece forming part of the player's snow army. Pieces include an ice palace, a catapult, a giant snowman, a cannon, and two snowmen. Each turn, the player chooses one position on their opponent's board to attack. At the same time, your opponent launches an attack on a spot on your board. Wherever your snowball landed, you will be able to see the ground beneath it on your map of your opponents army, and this can help you hit the rest of an object (some objects take up more than one co-ordinate). Whoever destroys their opponent's army first wins.

This game also has a sequel, Snow Wars 2. It is one of the few games with a sequel that has not been retired. The sequel is a flash game unlike the original Snow Wars.


The higher level opponents are incredibly good guessers, so the odds are stacked against you. If you hit any of the other pieces don't bother taking them out until the two snowmen have been found. Basically one needs to blank the board until one finds the two snowmen, who only take up one square. If you're lucky, you may find the two snowmen and all the other pieces very quickly and manage to pull out a win.

Game Prizes[edit]

55_1.gif 55_2.gif
55_3.gif 55_4.gif
The the trophies and runner-up medal for Snow Wars.

There are ten challengers, and as you defeat each one you are rewarded with snowballs as well as trophies for your efforts.

  1. Defeating The Scarf: Two Wet Snowballs
  2. Defeating The Snowman: Two Poison Snowballs and a Runner-Up Medal
  3. Defeating Santa: Two Evil Snowballs
  4. Defeating Snow Cone: Two Yellow Snowballs
  5. Defeating Happy Monkey: Two Peach Snowballs and the Bronze Trophy
  6. Defeating Evil Elf: Two Exploding Snowballs
  7. Defeating Roboball: Two Icy Snowballs and the Silver Trophy
  8. Defeating the Tree: Two Sticky Snowballs
  9. Defeating Super Star: Two Snow Mudballs
  10. Defeating Tentar: Two Stone Snowballs and the Gold Trophy


  • There is stamp called Snow Wars Catapult Stamp, as well as a Neodeck card given out as an Advent Calender prize called Snow Wars Collectible Card.

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