Shenkuu Tangram

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Shenkuu Tangram
Shenkuu Tangram
ID # 1075
World Shenkuu
Category Brain Busters, Puzzle
High Scores
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Shenkuu Tangram is a Flash game where the user completes a number of petpet shaped tangrams It was released January 16, 2009.

How to play[edit]

The aim of the game is to fit all of the shapes into the tangram. Once completed, the cloud will turn into a petpet and you will progress to the next tangram. There are three modes in which to play: normal, hard or zen.

In normal mode there are three stages, each with five tangrams.

Using your mouse, click and drag each shape onto the tangram. To rotate it, use the left and right arrow keys. The parallelogram shape needs to be flipped to fit into some tangrams. To do this, tap the up key.

In hard mode, the shapes will fall down a column on the left, and you will need to be quick and precise to place them inside the tangram. You are given three strikes - three incorrect shape placements before it's game over.

Zen mode is like most other games that offer a zen mode in that you play the same as normal mode, only no neopoints are awarded.


Presently, users can place the same size piece over an already laid piece to complete the tangram. This allows users to finish the game faster, having to spend less time rotating the pieces to fit its correct spot.

An early glitch in the game which was later fixed by TNT, allowed users to double-click the final piece of a tangram into place to earn double points for that level.

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