Advert Attack

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Advert Attack
Advert Attack
ID # 204
World Virtupets Space Station
Category Action
High Scores
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Advert Attack is a Flash released on 30 January 2003, where the player must contend with (fictional) pop-up ads (advertising other Neopian activities like Scorchy Slots) in order to win a race.

It features a simple game within a game called Super Race where the player must click a moving button to power Ace Zafara's space ship to win a race. However, Dr. Sloth, having seen the popularity of Super Race, sells advertising space to the game, and the longer the player plays, the more pop-ups and banner adds will appear to get in their way.

How to play[edit]

The object of the game is to help Ace Zafara beat the computer controlled Race Robot to the finish line. Every time the player clicks the "Go!" button, Ace Zafara will move forward a step. Twenty-four of these steps are needed to reach the finish line. The button disappears and reappears somewhere in the lower half of the screen every time it is clicked.

In between the game levels, the player sees a short cutscene showing how Dr. Sloth intends to make money from the game. Starting at level two, pop-ups will appear to get in the player's way. These pop-ups are within the Advert Attack game itself, so will not be stopped by a browser's pop-up blocking software. The player can close these pop-ups, or move some of them out of the way by clicking and dragging the title bar (most of the adverts are styled like real windows).

There are a total of ten levels, with new ads being introduced every level from two to six.

Clicking on the advert itself will cause another one to appear. The player doesn't have to close or move all the pop-up windows to win the level - only when they get in the way of the "Go!" button.


  • Typing nopopups will clear the screen of adverts once per game.


  • Scoring over 700 points (previously 550) will give the user the Ace Zafara avatar, released February 3rd, 2005
  • Advert Attack is featured as a stamp in the Virtupets section of the Stamp Album, and a book titled Advert Attack Guide Book also exists, said to give tips to help close the ads. However, reading or having this this book in a user's inventory does not effect gameplay.
  • The browser windows the pop-ups appear in are branded Neoscape, a portmanteau of Neopets and Netscape.

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