Carnival of Terror

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Carnival of Terror
Carnival of Terror
ID # 131
World Haunted Woods
Category Action
High Scores
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Originally released on April 24, 2002, The Carnival of Terror is a mouse-orientated shoot 'em up Flash game set in the Haunted Woods. The sequel to the original, possessing upgraded graphics but essentially keeping the same gameplay, was released on November 30, 2007 simultaneously sending the old version to the Game Graveyard.

The user enters a once exciting and colourful traveling carnival that, upon visiting the Haunted Woods, was taken over by some mysterious evil. Littered in references to Dr. Sloth, the user must hold out in the carnival against its residents for as long as they can.

How to play[edit]

Users must destroy as many Robotic Chia Clowns as possible before the user's time, ammunition, or health run out. Points are earned based on the numbers of a variety Robotic body parts shot. The Chia Clowns drop in from the air and move back and forth across the screen, coming slowly closer with each pass. If a Chia becomes too close to the user, or if the user is fails to shoot out one of their thrown pies, health is lost.

The cross-hairs are guided by the mouse to aid accurate shooting. Every shot that hits a Clown can take out part of their robotic armour, with certain body parts worth more than others. A shot at the Clown's neck can kill it in one attempt. A Clown, if stuck with only their main body casement and arms left, may explode if left along, damaging the user.

Health, time, and ammo can be regained by shooting the bonuses that occasionally fall down from the sky. A clock signifies a time bonus, a crate an ammo bonus, and a box bearing a green cross a health bonus.


  • Scoring above 725 points in the game will earn you an avatar, released on September 3, 2009.

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