Gwyl's Great Escape

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Gwyl's Great Escape
Gwyl's Great Escape
ID # 668
World Meridell
Category Action, Puzzles
High Scores
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Gywl's Great Escape is an action/puzzle game from Meridell on Neopets.


It's Gwyl the Symol's first day of work at the jewel mine, and he can't wait to start unearthing gems of all kinds. Gwyl has always been a bit smaller than the other Symols, so he's especially determined to prove himself to the rest of the miners. In order to show off his mining skills, Gwyl slips away from the group and heads for the depths of the mine...where the largest, most glittering gems are hidden.

Down in the mine, Gwyl is busy stuffing his bag with jewels when a rockslide blocks some of the tunnels... leaving Gwyl trapped! Luckily for him, he has a cunning plan - the Symol will hang from a balloon and his trusty Petpetpet companion will push the balloon to safety with gusts of air from its wings. The only problem is that the passageways of the mountain are lined with many treacherous hazards. One false move will pop Gwyl's balloon, and send him and his bag of gemstones tumbling back into the deepest reaches of the mine!

How to Play[edit]

Use the mouse to control the Lightmite. Press the mouse button down to have the Lightmite flap its wings, which will guide Gwyl around the level. Collect all the gems, then head for the exit.


  • Type gwylsgreatestescapeever to gain access to a secret level.

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