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ID # 54
World Neopia Central
Category Luck & Chance, Puzzle
High Scores
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Test your skills in this game of strategy. With three levels of play, this game will surely challenge even the toughest players!

It only costs 30 NP per play, so start playing!

Your winning scores are now tallied up into a cumulative high score table. You can only win up to 3000 Neopoints per day, but you can continue playing NeggSweeper for free in order to increase your high score!

How to play[edit]

To begin a game, choose which difficulty level you wish to play. The harder the level, the more the payoff will be for winning! To play, you simply have to click on any of the neggs on the board. If you click on a Negg that does not have any bad neggs surrounding it, it will clear all of the surrounding neggs as well, up until it reaches a negg that does have a trap next to it. You may even get a bonus if you clear multiple neggs with one click!

If you click on a negg that does have a trap next to it, then it will display a number from 1 to 8, depending on how many of the surrounding neggs are traps. The higher the number, the more dangerous that area is to click in. If you click on a negg that has a trap, the Jackpot is reset back to 0 and you lose! To add or remove a flag, hold down the Control Key while clicking on the negg!

If you can successfully clear all of the neggs without clicking on any of the traps, you win all the points that have racked up in the Jackpot!

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