Tyranu Evavu

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Tyranu Evavu
Tyranu Evavu
ID # 47
World Tyrannia
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
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Tyranu Evavu is a HTML card game played with three Tyrannians: Jarbjarb, Uggsul, and Oogaroo.

For 30 Neopoints a play, users are shown two cards, one which you can see and the other which is hidden. They have to guess whether the hidden card is higher (tyranu) or lower (evavu) than the one shown (2's being the lowest and Aces the highest). Play continues until all 52 cards are cleared, or a wrong guess is given. The more correct guesses, the more NP is won at the end of a game.

Besides the challenge of guessing all the correct cards, users have to watch out for the placement of the "Tyranu"/"Evavu", as the prehistoric Neopets sometimes get their directions confused. Players may accidentally click a "Tyranu" when they think they are clicking "Evavu", and end their game with a wrong guess.

Number of
correct guesses
5 18 NP
10 156 NP
15 408 NP
20 1,116 NP
30 2,388 NP
40 4,800 NP
50 7,200 NP
52 12,000 NP


  • On May 12, 2006, the art for Jarbjarb, Uggsul, Oogaroo, and the "Tyranu"/"Evavu" buttons was changed to make it "a bit easier on the eyes" as The Neopets Team said.

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