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Tyrannian jungle.png
Pronunciation: ti-rain-ee-ah
Released: March 21, 2001
Yooyuball team: Team Tyrannia
Tyrannian Jungle · Tyrannian Plateau

Tyrannia is a prehistoric land discovered miles beneath the Ice Caves on March 21, 2001. It is the home of a Pterodactyl, the Tyrannian Concert Hall, and a Giant Omelette. It is split into two areas, the jungle and the plateau. The plateau, is usually dry with little rain, while the jungle part is more of a tropical climate, with wetter weather. Tyrannia has a Paint Brush named after it, and 45 Neopet species have a Tyrannian colour.

Originally there was a third area, the volcano but after The Tyrannian Invasion on the August 15, 2001, the volcano map was removed and the shops and games were moved down to the Plateau. Visiting the volcano now results in a 1-Player Challenger appearing and challenging the user in the Battledome on their first visit. Later visits result in the user being shooed back to the Plateau. Also in this change, The Time Machine, a Kitchen Quest like game, was removed.



Shops: Tyrannian Weaponry, Tyrannian Furniture, Tyrannian Petpets, Ugga Shinies
Games: Wheel of Mediocrity
  • Cave Painting: This area contains Tyrannian themed colouring pages.
  • Tyrammet Village: Tyrammet is a small village.


The Tyrannian Plateau.
Shops: Tyrannian Food
Games: Destruct-O-Match III, Wheel of Monotony


Main article: Team Tyrannia

Known for their brute force and slushie slinging skills, this is a middle tier team that can really surprise you.


Main Article: Tyrannian

On January 7, 2001, TNT announced that the old Glass coloured pets would be turned into Tyrannian. Aside from the Tyrannian Paint Brush, users can paint their Neopets using the Lab Ray, Morphing Potions or Rainbow Fountain.

As of March 2010, 39 Neopets and 48 Petpets are available in the Tyrannian colour...

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