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The Neopian Lottery
The Neopian Lottery
ID # 58
World Neopia Central
Category Luck & Chance
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The Neopian Lottery is a luck-based lottery game. To win the lottery, users must correctly predict which six numbers between 1 and 30 will be selected during the daily drawing that occurs at 4:00 a.m. NST. Unlike other games, the Neopian Lottery does not have a high score table.

Lottery Tickets[edit]

To enter the lottery, users must purchase at least one lottery ticket. Each lottery ticket costs 100 NP. When purchasing a lottery ticket, the user must pick six numbers between 1 and 30 to go on the ticket. Lottery tickets are only valid for the lottery drawing immediately following their purchase. Users may purchase up to 20 tickets per drawing.

Random Events[edit]

There are two random events that give out lottery tickets:

Bg terror mountain2.jpg
"You look like you could use some luck!" He hands you a lottery ticket with the following numbers: <#, #, #, #, #, #>. "I hope you win!"
Scratchcard wocky.png

This random event grants the user one free lottery ticket that contains the listed numbers.

Bg coincidence.jpg
You wait for something to happen. Before long you hear a strange fluttering sound. Lottery tickets fall down from the sky! You manage to snatch up five before the rest vanish into nothingness.
Re ray 4c92095130.png

This random event is only available after completing a quest aboard the Coincidence. It gives the user five free lottery tickets with randomly selected numbers.


The jackpot for each drawing starts at 5,000 NP. Every time a ticket for a drawing is sold, 100 NP is added to the jackpot. This means that if 600 lottery tickets were sold for a drawing, the jackpot for that drawing would be 65,000 NP.

The user who matches the most numbers during a drawing wins the jackpot. If multiple users tie during a drawing, the jackpot is split evenly among all the tied users.


Users can earn the following trophies by winning certain amounts of Neopoints from the lottery:

58 1.png Gold
Win 1,000,000 NP or more
58 2.png Silver
Win between 500,000 NP and 999,999 NP
58 3.png Bronze
Win between 1 NP and 499,999 NP


Since November 12, 2014, all users who win Neopoints from the lottery also unlock the following avatar:

Lottery.gif Lottery
Win Neopoints from the Neopian Lottery.

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