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Random events are chance happenings around the site that can help or hinder the player. There is a chance a random event will appear whenever the player loads a page: they appear above the page content (but below the navigation bar), and feature an image and a little snippet of text explaining what happened.

By visiting more site pages, the player increases their chance of receiving random events - PHP games such as NeoQuest or Pyramids are popular for this. The birthday site theme slightly increases the chance of any page load giving an event.

Certain items exclusively or almost exclusively enter the economy through these events - this includes map pieces, Transmogrification Potions, and Codestones. Random events appear in the Neopets TCG in the form of Something Has Happened! cards.

Something Has Happened![edit]

The most common random events are captioned "Something Has Happened!" in a yellow bar above the event. These events can help the player, such as by rewarding them with an item or Neopoints, or by allowing them to send extra scores in a game.

Something has happened!
Dr. Sloth appears and hands you a Cybunny Transmogrification Potion!!!
Something has happened!
Since you have been so nice, your game plays for Meerca Chase II have been reset. You may now play three more times today! Hoorah!

Other events are more harmful, such as causing a Neopet to become ill, or losing Neopoints or items. Random events that take absolute amounts of Neopoints can push the player's on-hand cash into negative numbers. Percentage-based thefts take only from on-hand Neopoints and not from the bank or shop till.

Something has happened!
Hubrid Nox stares at you, and his eyes glow. All your Neopets have come down with a bad case of 'Ugga Ugga'!!!
Something has happened!
The incessant mewing of a Mutant Kadoatie drives you completely mad, and you give its owner 5,000 Neopoints to take it away!

Still others have neither helpful nor harmful effects - such as a passing Neopet saying hello. Some events may be good or bad depending on the player's point of view - such as Boochi zapping their active Neopet and turning it Baby.

When some characters visit a player in a random event, they issue a challenge - this adds the character to the list of those the player can fight in the Battledome. A few events appear under the "Something Has Happened!" banner but are not necessarily random - players receive these as notifications when they receive an avatar or a site theme.

Local events[edit]

There a few Something Has Happened-style events that occur in a specific world: while exploring Terror Mountain the player may receive a Winter Random Event, with a blue banner, and while exploring Tyrannia, they may receive a Tyrannian Random Event, with a brown banner.

Like normal random events, these can help or hinder. Avatar award notifications will still appear as normal, but other Something Has Happened events do not appear in these places at all.

Winter Random Event!!!
snowball_4.gif Somebody from high up throws a Yellow Snowball at you! You pick it up!
Tyrannian Random Event!!!
fungusball.gif A fungus ball is sitting on this page... and it EXPLODES!. You get confused and drop 55 Neopoints :(

Battledome challengers[edit]

Some opponents in the one-player Battledome must be unlocked before the player can fight them. While some of these are always unlocked whenever a player goes to a certain page (e.g. the Tiki Tack Man challenges anyone who visits his shop, or Edna challenges anyone who completes her quest), others are only unlocked randomly: either as part of a Something Has Happened-type event (e.g. the Down for Maintenance Pteri or Boochi) or randomly when visiting a certain location (e.g. Commander Garoo appears randomly at the Space Station).

Faerie Quests[edit]

While playing Neopets a user may be confronted by a Faerie and be given a Faerie Quest. The user must purchase an item without the use of the Shop Wizard for a reward. The exact type of items as well as the rewards depend on the faerie.


  • Some people are of the opinion that doing nice things on the site increases their chances of getting random events. The text of the game play reset random event (see above) no doubt encouraged this view, and The Neopets Team referred to it when releasing it: "Our new software installed on the Neopets servers can now detect whether you have been nice to people, and if you have you may get the following random event!". On the other hand, addressing this issue in an editorial, TNT confirmed that this was not the case and only the birthday site theme increases the chance of events appearing.

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