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1-player challengers are AI-controlled opponents that users can fight in the Battledome. There are many different challengers, and each challenger has a unique set of equipment and abilities. There are three levels of toughness for each challenger. The higher the toughness level, the more HP the challenger will have. Many plots have exclusive challengers. These plot-exclusive challengers are usually retired as soon as their associated plot ends.

Normal Challengers[edit]

After a user unlocks a normal challenger, they may fight them at any time. While a handful of these challengers are unlocked by default, most of them have to be unlocked by performing certain actions on the Neopets website.

Rattling Cauldron[edit]

Portrait 7.png
Portrait 2.png
Count Von Roo
Portrait 5.png
Portrait 89.png
Giant Ghostkerchief
Portrait 157.png
Greedy Kadoatie
Portrait 28.png
Jelly Chia
Portrait 60.png
Portrait 4.png
Portrait 11.png
Pant Devil
Qasalan Mummy
Portrait 85.png
Portrait 25.png
Spider Grundo
Portrait 30.png
The Black Pteri
Portrait 9.png
The Brain Tree
Portrait 8.png
The Esophagor
Portrait 65.png
Portrait 22.png
Zafara Rogue

Frost Arena[edit]

Portrait 208.png
Portrait 178.png
Lady Frostbite
Portrait 91.png
Snow Beast
Portrait 33.png
Snow Faerie
Portrait 36.png
The Snowager
Portrait 209.png

Pango Palladium[edit]

Portrait 86.png
Advisor Broo
Portrait 66.png
Ghost Lupe
Portrait 13.png
Lava Ghoul
Portrait 88.png
Meerca Henchmen
Portrait 87.png
Portrait 35.png
Ryshu the Nimmo
Portrait 61.png
Tekkitu the Witch Doctor
Portrait 23.png
Tiki Tack Man

Neocola Centre[edit]

Portrait 63.png
Commander Garoo
Portrait 14.png
Evil Sloth Clone
Portrait 207.png
Neopets V2
Portrait 19.png
Robo Grarrl
Portrait 206.png
S750 Kreludan Defender Robot
Portrait 12.png
Space Faerie

Dome of the Deep[edit]

Portrait 24.png
Portrait 210.png
Giant Spectral Mutant Walein
Portrait 26.png
Koi Warrior
Portrait 125.png
Slug Monster
Portrait 152.png
The Drenched

Ugga Dome[edit]

Portrait 37.png
Cave Chia
Portrait 185.png
Cybunny Scout
Portrait 92.png
Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby
Portrait 38.png
Portrait 3.png
Harry the Mutant Moehog
Portrait 27.png
Highland Chia
Portrait 105.png
Portrait 17.png
Magnus the Torch
Portrait 32.png
Quiggle Warlord
Portrait 39.png

Central Arena[edit]

Portrait 90.png
Portrait 31.png
Chia Clown
Portrait 103.png
Down For Maintenance Pteri
Portrait 159.png
Portrait 1.png
Flaming Meerca
Portrait 62.png
Kasuki Lu
Portrait 34.png
Portrait 104.png
Lab Ray Scientist
Portrait 102.png
Mootix Warrior
Portrait 158.png
Mr. Chuckles
Portrait 57.png
Punchbag Bob
Punchbag sid.gif
Punchbag Bob (Sid)
Portrait 18.png
Shadow Usul
Portrait 83.png
Tax Beast
Portrait 93.png

Battleground of the Obelisk Challengers[edit]

These challengers were first made available during the War for the Obelisk plot. Now a days, they can only be fought as part of the Battleground of the Obelisk site feature. All of these challengers are fought in the Ugga Dome.

Thieves Guild The Sway Order of the Red Erisim Brute Squad Seekers Awakened
Portrait 215.png
Petty Pilferer
Portrait 218.png
Amateur Insider
Portrait 216.png
Minor Warlock
Portrait 217.png
Portrait 222.png
Assistant Scientist
Portrait 221.png
Grumpy Mummy
Portrait 224.png
Roadside Bandit
Portrait 226.png
Charming Subversive
Portrait 225.png
Portrait 223.png
Back Alley Bruiser
Portrait 228.png
Smug Philosopher
Portrait 227.png
Zombie Hooligan
Portrait 229.png
Midnight Smuggler
Portrait 233.png
Nefarious Plotter
Portrait 231.png
Licensed Conjurer
Portrait 230.png
Brutal Mercenary
Portrait 232.png
Stalwart Explorer
Portrait 234.png
Ghostly Knight
Portrait 235.png
Shady Prowler
Portrait 240.png
Cunning Mastermind
Portrait 237.png
Master Wizard
Portrait 236.png
Unyielding Sentinel
Portrait 239.png
Genius Inventor
Portrait 238.png
Unchained Monster
Portrait 242.png
Kanrik, Master Thief
Portrait 246.png
The Duchess
Portrait 241.png
Rasala the Bright
Portrait 243.png
Commander Flint
Portrait 244.png
Professor Lambert
Portrait 245.png
Lanie and Lillie

Retired Challengers[edit]

Tale of Woe[edit]

Wave 1
Ominous Stones
Macabre Stones
Furious Stones
Wave 2
Black Elm
Blathering Beech
Savage Sycamore
Wave 3
Herman Dorfdrap
Bennie the Jub
Disgruntled Townspeople
Wave 4
Shrieking Shadow
Creeping Shadows
Malevolent Shadow
Wave 5
Mayor 15ca79bf08.gif
Mayor Thumburt
Mayor 2d41c753c4.gif
Mayor Thumburt (Second Form)
Mayor 38324c61a5.gif
Mayor Thumburt (Final Form)


  • Six faeries (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Dark, Light) were available for the old Faerie League. They are now retired and so is the Faerie League.

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