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Thousands of Battledome Equipment items exist on the Neopets website.

Battledome equipment is a class of items that can be equipped to a Neopet and then used in the Battledome. Players can use up to two pieces of Battledome equipment per turn. Each piece of equipment has a different effect. Some equipment deals damage to opponents, while other equipment defends against incoming attacks. There is equipment that freezes enemies in place, and there is equipment that can restore HP. Some equipment even does multiple things at once.

Each Neopet can be equipped with up to eight pieces of Battledome equipment. If a user has the Equip ALL THE THINGS boon activated, they can equip a ninth piece of equipment on each of their Neopets. Users can equip their Neopets via the Battledome Stats page. Individual items can also be equipped by clicking on them in the inventory and then selecting the Equip ... option from the resulting drop-down menu.

Battledome Equipment Effects[edit]

In general, using a piece of Battledome equipment will result in one of the below effects:

  • The Battledome item deals a specific number and type of offensive icons (AirBDI.pngDarknessBDI.pngEarthBDI.pngFireBDI.pngLightBDI.pngPhysicalBDI.pngWaterBDI.png) to the opponent. The amount of HP damage caused by each icon depends on the strength stat of the attacking Neopet.
Example: The Sparkshooter deals 1×1 FireFire  , 1×1 LightLight  , and 1×1 PhysicalPhysical  
  • The Battledome item produces a specific number of defensive icons (AirDefence.pngDarknessDefence.pngEarthDefence.pngFireDefence.pngLightDefence.pngPhysicalDefence.pngWaterDefence.png) that block incoming attacks. Defensive icons can only block damage that matches their type. For example, defensive air icons can block air attacks, but they cannot defend against water attacks. The about of HP damage blocked by each defensive icon depends on the defence stat of the defending Neopet.
Example: The Wooden Shield defends 2×2 PhysicalPhysical Defence 
  • The item takes incoming attack icons and then reflects them back onto the attacker. The HP damage done by the reflected icons depends on the strength stat of the attacking Neopet.
Example: The Dual Battle Mirror reflects 50% of all LightBDI.png
  • The Battledome item restores a Neopet's HP (BE Stat Heal.gif). The amount of HP restored depends on the item used. With very few exceptions, Neopets are only allowed to equip a single healing item at a time.
Example: The Blue Scorchstone heals 30 BE Stat Heal.gif HP.
  • The Battledome item drains health from the opponent. Since they are not associated with an icon type, draining attacks are unblockable. Some items additionally use the drained HP to heal the player.
Example: The Cursed Elixir drains 20 BE Stat Heal.gif HP from your opponent and adds it to your own HP.
  • The weapon freezes the opponent for one turn. When an opponent is frozen (BE Stat Freeze.gif), they can not attack or defend themselves. With very few exceptions, Neopets are only allowed to equip one freezing item at a time.
Example: The Pearly Koi Bubble Net has a 10% chance of BE Stat Freeze.gif.
  • The weapon temporarily steals a piece of equipment from the opponent. When a stealing item successfully steals an opponent's equipment, it is given to the opponent in place of their stolen gear. This allows the opponent to use the stealing item to take back their stolen equipment if they desire. At the end of the battle, all stealing items and stolen pieces of equipment are returned to their original owners. Stolen items that were broken or consumed during the battle are returned to their original owner undamaged and unused.
Example: The Green Sticky Hand has a 60% chance of stealing an item.
  • The Battledome equipment produces other pieces of Battledome equipment when used.
Example: The Evil Snowball Wand produces an Evil Snowball when used.

Many pieces of Battledome equipment have a combination of effects. For example, the Tornado Ring can attack, defend, heal, and steal, all at the same time.

Use Limitations[edit]

Each Battledome item falls into one of the following five categories depending on how often it can be used in battle:

Multiple Use
  • Multiple use equipment can be used an unlimited amount of times.
Once Per Battle
  • These items can only be used once per battle.
Single Use
  • These items can only be used a single time. They vanish forever after the first time they are used.
  • Semi-fragile weapons have a small chance of breaking after each use. Once the item breaks, it can not be used until the next battle.
  • Fragile weapons have a small chance of breaking after each use. Once the item breaks, it vanishes forever.

Battledome Equipment Categories[edit]

There are 19 different categories of Battledome equipment, each having a different theme:

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