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Punchbag Sid can be identified by his eyepatch.

Punchbag Sid is an alternative version of Punchbag Bob. He cannot be challenged in the normal way - unlike most one-player challengers, he does not have his own entry on the challenger list and does not appear there when he can be challenged in the same way war challengers appear. Very rarely, for short windows of time, users who challenge Punchbag Bob will enter a fight with Sid instead.

He is one of the most difficult of all challengers, equipped with among other things the powerful Ultra Attack Chive of Death, which deals 160 icons in total, with 80 earth icons and 80 water icons of damage, making it effectively the most powerful weapon currently in the Battledome. The weapon is available only to Punchbag Sid, although with a multiple stealing weapon (currently only Tornado Ring) - it is possible to steal it for the duration of the battle. He is undoubtedly the strongest Battledome opponent outside of plots, even though his difficulty is not 700+ (the maximum strength boost).

Plot summary[edit]

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main article: Curse of Maraqua

Swordmaster Talek demonstrated the power of maractite weaponry on Punchbag Sid by decapitating him.


Punchbag sid.gif
Punchbag Bob (Sid)
Difficulty: 100 Starting HP: 2,000
Arena: Central Arena Released: Unknown
Status: Active Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Sometime appears when battling Punchbag Bob.

Weapons Used
Grand Lightning Beam Attack: 2×2 LightLight   2×2 FireFire   0 - 2×0 - 2 PhysicalPhysical   Defence: 3×3 DarknessDarkness Defence 
H4000 Helmet Defence: 100% BE Stat Freeze.gif (Once per battle)
Jade Scorchstone Defence: All BE Stat Heal.gif (Once per battle)
Jhudora The Dark Faerie Doll Attack: 5×5 AirAir   10×10 DarknessDarkness   1 - 5×1 - 5 PhysicalPhysical  
Sword Of Skardsen Attack: 15×15 DarknessDarkness   2 - 9×2 - 9 PhysicalPhysical  
Ultimate Chive Of Death Attack: 80×80 EarthEarth   80×80 WaterWater  

Abilities Used
Aura Attack: 1×1 LightLight   Defence: 1×1 DarknessDarkness Defence 
Inertia Attack: 1×1 AirAir   Defence: 1×1 EarthEarth Defence 
Scorch Attack: 1×1 FireFire   1×1 LightLight   Defence: 1×1 DarknessDarkness Defence  1×1 WaterWater Defence 


  • Although he also is a punchbag like his brother, Punchbag Bob, he actually does have weapons, including the most powerful weapon currently in existence that is only available to Sid-- the Ultra Attack Chive of Death-- but it CAN be stolen with a multi-stealing weapon, such as the Tornado Ring.
  • A backpack, a lollypop, and a pencil case featuring Punchbag Sid were released on 30th September 2003.
  • A Punchbag Sid avatar is awarded to the user if they lose to him.

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