War for the Obelisk

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The War for the Obelisk was a plot that took place between February 11, 2013 and March 19, 2013. It followed the story of six different factions as they battled for control of a mysterious obelisk that was unearthed in Tyrannia. The war was used as a way to showcase the then newly redesigned Battledome.

As well as introducing new characters, this plot featured the return of Kanrik and the Thieves Guild, first introduced in Hannah and the Ice Caves. With the completion of the plot, the maps of Tyrannia were updated and the Battleground of the Obelisk site feature began.


On February 11, 2013, Tyrannia was stuck by a series of violent earthquakes. During the last of these earthquakes, a pillar of light shot up from the ground and illuminated the sky. It was soon discovered that this light had come from a mysterious black obelisk that had been partially unearthed by the quakes. On February 12, 2013, a team of archaeologists and diggers from the Tyrannian Paleontological Association arrived and began to excavate the still-buried portions of the obelisk. The team worked hard for several days and were able to completely dig out the obelisk by February 14, 2013.

Meanwhile, news of the mysterious obelisk spread all over Neopia. Within a few days, several factions from across the globe had gathered at the dig site. Each faction wanted to control the obelisk for a different reason: The members of the Thieves Guild were convinced that the obelisk was full of treasure, and they wanted to claim the riches before anyone else. The Sway feared that the obelisk was a threat to their power, and they desired to control the obelisk in order to maintain their influence over Neopia. The wizards of the Order of the Red Erisim knew that the obelisk contained strong magic, and they did not want this magic to fall into the wrong hands. The Brute Squad believed the obelisk contained powerful weapons, and they wished to claim these weapons for themselves. The Seekers wanted to study the obelisk, and they feared that the other factions would vandalize the obelisk before it could be properly examined. Lastly, the Awakened didn't care about the obelisk at all; they simply wanted to enjoy the chaos of the upcoming struggle.

Tensions between the six factions rose and on February 28, 2013, an all-out war began between the six groups. The six factions battled against each other until March 15, 2013. On that day, six luminous spectres arrived. One spectre appeared before each faction, taking the form of that faction's greatest fear or weakness. Upon the arrival of these spirits, the factions stopped battling each other and instead began fighting their respective apparitions. After all of the spectres were defeated, the obelisk opened and revealed the Oracle. The Oracle explained that she had sent the spectres in order to test each faction to see which one was worthy of receiving the her power. From among the six factions, the Oracle chose the Sway to be the first to receive her blessings. This did not end the fighting however, as the six factions soon began to battle again, this time hoping to prove themselves to the Oracle. This cycle of battle continues to this very day at the Battleground of the Obelisk.


Mysterious Dig Site[edit]

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Faction: Thieves Guild The Sway Order of the Red Erisim Brute Squad Seekers Awakened
First Charge
Portrait 215.png
Petty Pilferer
Portrait 218.png
Amateur Insider
Portrait 216.png
Minor Warlock
Portrait 217.png
Portrait 222.png
Assistant Scientist
Portrait 221.png
Grumpy Mummy
Second Assault
Portrait 224.png
Roadside Bandit
Portrait 226.png
Charming Subversive
Portrait 225.png
Portrait 223.png
Back Alley Bruiser
Portrait 228.png
Smug Philosopher
Portrait 227.png
Zombie Hooligan
Raiding Party
Portrait 229.png
Midnight Smuggler
Portrait 233.png
Nefarious Plotter
Portrait 231.png
Licensed Conjurer
Portrait 230.png
Brutal Mercenary
Portrait 232.png
Stalwart Explorer
Portrait 234.png
Ghostly Knight
Offensive Strike
Portrait 235.png
Shady Prowler
Portrait 240.png
Cunning Mastermind
Portrait 237.png
Master Wizard
Portrait 236.png
Unyielding Sentinel
Portrait 239.png
Genius Inventor
Portrait 238.png
Unchained Monster
Final Invasion
Portrait 242.png
Kanrik, Master Thief
Portrait 246.png
The Duchess
Portrait 241.png
Rasala the Bright
Portrait 243.png
Commander Flint
Portrait 244.png
Professor Lambert
Portrait 245.png
Lanie and Lillie


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  • The Order of the Red Erisim are seen in their introductory video battling the Wraiths from The Faeries' Ruin plot.

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