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Image of Heermeedjet and Merouladen from their Neopedia article

Heermeedjet and Merouladen are two Brown Meerca brothers, who are wanted for a number of crimes around Neopia. The most high profile of their crimes was the theft of King Coltzan's crown, under orders from criminal mastermind Malkus Vile. Although not the most competent of criminals, somehow they always manage to escape before being caught. They are also featured in the game The Great Qasalan Caper, where they try to steal from the Qasalan treasury, and in Trouble at the National Neopian, as bank robbers.

Known to most Neopians as the Meerca Brothers, they have now cut all ties with Malkus Vile and have struck out on their own. Generally, Merouladen wears a blue cap while Heermeedjet wears a red one and is never without his trusty goggles.

Plot summaries[edit]

The Hunt for the Crown[edit]

Main Article: The Hunt for the Crown

Heermeedjet and Meerouladen were enlisted by Malkus Vile to steal King Coltzan's magical crown from his shrine in the Lost Desert. Although they managed to abscond with it, Heermeedjet was incriminated when he left a taunting note to Vyssa and foolishly signed his name. This gave players a starting point to find where the crown was hidden.

Curse of Maraqua[edit]

Main Article: Curse of Maraqua
Merouladen can be seen in the lower left corner of the panel.

One of the meerca brothers, Merouladen who sports a beanie, made a very brief cameo appearance on the Curse of Maraqua plot comics, being seen wagering in a Krawk Island bar or pub Garin was resting at before Benny is seen for the first time.

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

Main Article: Defenders of Neopia

In the eighth mission for Defenders of Neopia series 1, Heermeedjet and Meerouladen steal a Zafara's school-bag and homework while she went for a swim. The user must defeat the Meerca Henchmen in the Battledome to retrieve it.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

Main Article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Tormund encounters Heermeedjet and Meerouladen first in Act 1, where they steal his package as he makes his way to Meridell. King Altador frightens them away and the package is returned. They meet again in Act 3, where they show Tor and Roberta the entrance to the old sewer tunnels that lead to the vault where Fyora's wand is, in return for the Market Town Treasure.


Portrait 88.png
Meerca Henchmen
Difficulty: 150Easy · 225Medium · 300Hard Starting HP: 175Easy · 263Medium · 350Hard
Arena: Pango Palladium Released: October 2, 2003
Status: Active Challenger ID: 88
Found by: Refreshing at the trap door.

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
Green Apple
Coconut Keyring
Neopets Beach Ball
Meerca Brothers Glue Attack: 3×3 EarthEarth   3×3 LightLight  
Meerca Brothers Water Pistol Attack: 5×5 AirAir   5×5 WaterWater   5×5 PhysicalPhysical   67% BE Stat Freeze.gif
Hefty Loot Bag Attack: 5×5 DarknessDarkness   5×5 PhysicalPhysical   Defence: 5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Abilities Used
Drain Life Attack: Opponents health reduced by 11% up to 100 HP Defence: Own health healed by same amount.
Sink Defence: 97.5%×97.5% LightLight   97.5%×97.5% DarknessDarkness   97.5%×97.5% WaterWater   97.5%×97.5% FireFire   97.5%×97.5% PhysicalPhysical  

Better Than You[edit]

Heermeedjet and Merouladen have been a contestants on Better Than You three times:

Date: May 3, 2007 As Meercas, we apparently have a natural affinity for chasing Neggs down. Why didn't anyone tell us that they were worth so much, though?!? Just look how much we raked in for all the Neggs we grabbed during our last raid -- we doubt you could do better! Hahaha!
Game: Meerca Chase II
Score: 1,200
Prize: Pink Negg

Date: June 26, 2008 We've spent most of our lives on the run, so sometimes it's nice to take a break and do some of the chasing down ourselves. Especially when there are Neggs involved. They sell for a boatload of Neopoints, you know.
Game: Meerca Chase II
Score: 1,850
Prize: Candy Cane Negg

Date: December 3, 2009 Sutek designed the traps inside this pyramid to stop thieves from stealing his treasure. We'd like to thank him for the effort, because that means that the treasure is all ours for the taking! Mwahahaha!
Game: Sutek's Tomb
Score: 19,750
Prize: Meerca Thieving Beanie


meerouladen.gif heermeedjet.gif
  • As of December 2006, Heermeedjet and Meerouladen are featured in 7 different items.
  • Users participating in the Defenders of Neopia game will receive a trophy after defeating The Meerca Henchmen and returning to Headquarters. The trophy replaces the previous trophy earned by defeating Tekkitu the Witch Doctor. Also rewarded is the Heermeedjet or Meerouladen avatar, only one of which a user can have.
  • How To Draw tutorial added August 18, 2007.
  • The brothers were featured in the Advent Calendar animation and prizes on December 30, 2011.

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