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"I've never told anyone this, but Dr. Sloth comes to me for advice."

The Brain Tree is a powerful, sentient tree and one of the oldest residents of the Haunted Woods. He is highly intelligent and has a strong thirst for knowledge. Because he can't travel Neopia himself, he will often send Neopets on quests to gather knowledge for him.

According to the Neopedia, the Brain Tree guards the entrance to a secret clearing deep within the woods where a deadly monster is imprisoned. This monster has attacked the Brain Tree many times while trying to escape, and the Brain Tree bears many scars from these encounters.

As of June 2017, The Brain Tree is featured in 27 different items, including two Stamps and a Collectable Card.

Brain Tree Quests[edit]

Main article: Brain Tree Quest

The Brain Tree hosts a quest game in which he asks users when and where a certain Neopet died. If the user brings him the requested information within a specified time limit, he will reward them with Neopoints and an item. Since the Esophagor is the only creature in all of Neopia that knows the information that the Brain Tree desires, the user must feed the Esophagor in order to gain the knowledge that they need to appease the Brain Tree.

Users can only complete one Brain Tree quest every 24 hours. The first time a player completes a quest, they will unlock The Brain Tree as a Battledome challenger.

Defenders of Neopia[edit]

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Main article: Defenders of Neopia

One day, a Green Krawk and Red Usul got themselves lost in the Haunted Woods while trying to find the Brain Tree. Just as they were about to give up and go home, they finally managed to locate the Brain Tree. They tried to give the Brain Tree some information in order to complete a quest, but unfortunately the two had caught the Brain Tree in a foul mood. Instead of rewarding the pair, the Brain threatened, grabbed, and attacked them. A passing Blue Nimmo heard the two Neopets screaming and decided to call the Defenders of Neopia for help. Judge Hog immediately dispatched the Masked Intruder to the scene. After the user defeats the Brain Tree in the Battledome, the Masked Intruder is able to return the Brain Tree to his senses and rescue the Krawk and Usul.

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Brucey B and the Lucky Coin[edit]

The Brain Tree tells Brucey B which way to go.
Main article: Brucey B and the Lucky Coin

When Brucey B, Princess Fernypoo, and Capara were searching for clues about Brucey B's missing lucky coin, they travelled to the Haunted Woods to ask The Brain Tree for help. The Brain Tree had already predicted the trio's arrival, and told them that the missing coin they were looking for could be found by travelling all the way through the Haunted Woods. After passing through the woods, they discovered the Lost Desert.

NeoQuest II[edit]

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Main article: NeoQuest II

The Brain Tree is a non-playable character in the Haunted Woods portion of the game NeoQuest II. He is located in the backyard of the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House. The player must speak to the Brain Tree in order to break the curse that the Four Faeries have placed on Balthazar. The Brain Tree decided to cooperate with Rohane because his branches were beginning to wither under the perpetual sunlight caused by Edna's spell.

The Tale of Woe[edit]

The Brain Tree couldn't help without knowing when the spirit died.
Main article: The Tale of Woe

While searching for information about the Spirit of Slumber, Sophie, Bruno, and Gilly visited the Brain Tree and asked him for the spirit's true name. The Brain Tree told the trio that he would need to know when the spirit died - as in Brain Tree Quests - in order to know his true name.

Since the only way the three could find out when the spirit died was to give the spirit's true name to the Esophagor, the trio found themselves in an impossible situation. In the end, Sophie decided that digging up all of the graves in the Haunted Woods would be a better way to figure out the spirit's identity.

It is also briefly mentioned that Sophie had a previous bad experience with the Brain Tree, though no details about this experience are given.


Portrait 9.png
The Brain Tree
Difficulty: 91Easy · 109Medium · 127Hard Starting HP: 105Easy · 126Medium · 147Hard
Arena: Rattling Cauldron Released: August 14, 2001
Status: Active Challenger ID: 9
Found by: Completing a Brain Tree Quest


Attack Fork
The meanest of all tridents... the Attack Fork has been donated by the Brain Tree, who of course keeps a massive stash of magical items!
Brain Tree Branch
This branch stores some of the magic that makes the Brain Tree live! If you use it wisely it will do well for you in the Battledome.
Brain Tree Root
This magical root will help the user defend themselves against their opponent!
Brain Tree Splinters
Do some damage to your opponent with some splinters collected from when the Brain Tree has gotten into fights with unwise NeoPets!

Fire Bomb
This fiery bomb will explode into flames where ever it lands!
Moon Staff
The Moon Staff fights against all darkness, and will send a powerful attack towards any creature of darkness!
Supersize Mega Ultra Plus
Power up and grow 20 times your size!!
Ultra Rainbow Flash
This ultra-powerful rainbow attack will have your opponent seeing stars!


Your lethargy seems contagious and your opponent's enthusiasm drains.
Your lethargy seems contagious and your opponent's enthusiasm drains.
Use this ability to slip into the shadows and protect yourself.
Use this ability to slip into the shadows and protect yourself.
Silence your opponent. It's hard to cast spells when you can't speak.
Silence your opponent. It's hard to cast spells when you can't speak.

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