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Kastraliss can exhale poison.

Kastraliss, or the Plague Serpent, is a giant Hissi-like creature found in the swamps south of Meridell. He is a servant of The Darkest Faerie, and spreads death and decay.

Plot summaries[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

Main Article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

A thousand years before the events of the game, when The Darkest Faerie was first defeated, Kastraliss was driven out of Altador and took up home in the swamps south of Meridell. He is keeping the citizens of Bogshot ill, and Tor and Roberta encounter him when searching for the three ingredients for the cure.

He is fought from a circle of stone platforms in the swamp. He can attack from inside or outside the circle, and can blow toxic green gas or lunge at the player's character. If Tormund blocks his lunge at the last minute, Kastraliss will fall stunned to the ground and is vulnerable to a jump attack. Kastraliss can also hypnotise the player, paralysing them and preventing them from evading his next lunge.

As Kastraliss takes damage, he'll start destroying some of the stone platforms. When he is defeated, the purple clouds in the sky retreat, and Tormund and Roberta realise that if they can defeat other monsters, they can free the rest of the lands from the clouds. The player can then take the final ingredient, the black bogberry, from the centre of the stone ring, and return to the apothecary in Bogshot.

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

Kastraliss appears from the smoke.
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Kastraliss is the fourteenth challenger in series one of Defenders of Neopia. A Pink Uni and Brown Quiggle were travelling together, but misread their map and found themselves in a swamp. The Quiggle found an ornament of a coiled serpent on the ground, picked it up and rubbed some of the dirt off of it: suddenly, they were surrounded by green and purple smoke and Kastraliss materialised.


Portrait 105.png
Difficulty: 400Easy · 3200Medium · 6400Hard Starting HP: 400Easy · 3200Medium · 6400Hard
Arena: Ugga Dome Released: October 14, 2004
Status: Active Challenger ID: 105
Found by: Search for kastraliss using the search bar and refresh at the results page.

Weapons Used
Jade Scorchstone Defence: All BE Stat Heal.gif (Once per battle)
Freezing Potion Attack: 2×2 WaterWater   Defence: 100% BE Stat Freeze.gif (Once per battle)
Bucket Of Mud Attack: 2×2 EarthEarth   2×2 WaterWater  
Sludge Bomb Attack: 3×3 WaterWater   2×2 AirAir   3×3 EarthEarth   1 - 2×1 - 2 PhysicalPhysical   (Once per battle)
Pirate Captains Cutlass Attack: 5×5 LightLight   5×5 PhysicalPhysical   7 - 14×7 - 14 AirAir  
Pile of Sludge No effect.
Slithering Snake Taco No effect.
Bag Of Space Slime No effect.

Abilities Used
Halitosis Attack: 2×2 EarthEarth   on use, 2×2 EarthEarth   the following round
Meditate Defence: 4 Heart.png on use, 4 Heart.png following round
Shhhhhhhhh... Defence: Prevents enemy from using an ability for one round
Snowager's Breath Defence: 33% BE Stat Freeze.gif
Drain Life Defence: Drains 10% BE Stat Heal.gif from opponent, up to a maximum of 100 BE Stat Heal.gif
Adrenaline Rush Attack: Increases damage dealt by 8.125% for one round


  • Kastraliss appears on the 61 months user look-up shield.
  • Kastraliss is featured in his own action figure.

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