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Roberta is a Blue Acara and the favorite niece of King Hagan. As a diplomat of Brightvale, she wished to break from her current life and be a sorceress, and with the help of her teacher Seradar has been secretly learning the magical arts. Her spell casting in the library in act 2 might have cause some unseen panic, as the librarian says.

Plot summaries[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

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Act 1[edit]

Roberta did not appear during Act 1, as this act focused on Tormund instead of her.

Act 2[edit]

Roberta traveled to Faerieland with her teacher upon Solarin, (A uni who had been instructed by King Hagan to keep her safe) to ask for counsel and help for the dark purple clouds which have engulfed Meridell. During her stay, she was given a special talisman from Jerdana for helping getting her Harris out of a tree. Not long after, The Darkest Faerie attacked and imprisoned both Fyora and Jerdana. Freeing Jerdana, Roberta was told to escape to Meridell, and find another who had the amulet Roberta now wore. Roberta's escape was cut short when The Darkest Faerie tainted Solarin with her magic, and Roberta fell into the waters below.

Act 3[edit]

After falling into the waters, she met up with Tormund, who had the amulets twin. Together, they set out to reverse the evil The Darkest Faerie had cast over the lands of Meridell. After fighting many of The Darkest Faeries minions and dispelling the darkness cast over the lands of Meridell, they snuck into Meridell city dressed as beggars and gained access to the hidden treasure vaults with the help of the thieves Heermeedjet and Merouladen. Within, they found Fyora's Rod, which allowed them to defeat the Dark Faerie Sisters and dispel the dark cloud over Meridell.

Calling Solarin, Roberta and Tormund traveled back to Faerieland to confront The Darkest Faerie, and found Fyora tied up. Upon releasing her, they give her back her rod, only to realize it was the Darkest Faerie in disguise. The real Fyora breaks free of her bonds and fights The Darkest Faerie, compelling Roberta and Tormund to open the portal to Altador.

Act 4[edit]

Roberta arrives in Altador with Tormund, and are met by King Altador, who compels them to free the city from the darkness left behind by The Darkest Faerie and free Kelland, Torakor, Gordos, Fauna and Jerdana. Once they free Jerdana, they are given a new Jerdana's Orb to bind The Darkest Faerie, and are returned to Faerieland seconds after they left. They fought The Darkest Faerie while Faerieland began to fall on Meridell, and with not much time left The Darkest Faerie is weakened enough for Roberta and Tormund to imprison her again with Jerdana's Orb.

Better Than You[edit]

Roberta has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: August 13, 2009 My uncle King Skarl thinks he's the best at Biscuit Brigade, and he likes to prove it. Would you please go show him that we're tough cookies here in Brightvale? Otherwise I might have to turn him into a Mortog. You don't want to know how much paperwork that would create.
Game: Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand
Score: 6,870
Prize: Brightvale Berry Pudding


  • The Daily Puzzle question for October 29, 2007, confirmed a previously existing theory that Roberta is the shopkeeper at The Scrollery.
  • Like many Acaras in Neopets TCG, Roberta is affiliated with the element of Water.
  • At first Roberta was believed to be King Skarl's daughter seeing as her uncle is King Hagan, although it turns out that King Skarl is also her uncle.
  • She replaced Sally the Aisha as a main character.

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