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Fyora, Queen of all the Faeries.

Fyora, The Faerie Queen, is the ruler of Faerieland and all other faeries. She is one of the most powerful and benevolent beings in Neopia.

Among her great deeds, she is renown for defeating The Darkest Faerie a thousand years ago, and imprisoning her at the bottom of the ocean. She may also give out Faerie Quests, which while difficult, increase the statistics of Neopets by a large margin. She is featured in the games NeoQuest II, Faerie Caves, and Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest.

Plot summaries[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

Main article: NeoQuest II

Fyora is a character in Chapter 5 of NeoQuest II. She was imprisoned by the final boss, King Terask, in the West Tower of Faerie Palace, and was unable to use her magic. At the end of the game, she is shown briefly as a Non-Player Character, but before you can reach her, King Terask crashes through the ceiling in his final form. In the final cutscene, Fyora is shown thanking Rohane, Mipsy, Talinia, and Velm, and then announcing that Faerieland must be rebuilt.

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

Fyora as she appeared in-game.
Main article: Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

During the events of Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, Fyora was visited by Roberta, who reported there was a dark evil afflicting the lands of Meridell. Fyora sent Roberta away to seek further assistance. After Roberta's departure, Fyora was taken by surprise and captured by The Darkest Faerie. When Tormund and Roberta came to rescue her, The Darkest Faerie disguised herself as Fyora and stole Fyora's Rod. Fyora eventually broke free of her bonds and fought The Darkest Faerie again, only to be imprisoned within a glass bottle. When the Darkest Faerie was sealed within stone once more, Fyora was released at last.

Fyora made a promise to keep an eye on the petrified Darkest Faerie statue, which she places in her personal garden.

The Faeries' Ruin[edit]

Fyora was saddened by Xandra's betrayal.
Main article: The Faeries' Ruin

At the Faerie Festival in 2010, all the faeries, including Fyora, were turned to stone by Xandra, a former student of the faeries. Fyora knew Xandra personally, and was sad that she was led astray. After Hanso sacrificed himself to defeat Xandra and remove the curse on the faeries, Fyora restored him from stone.

After the plot, she appointed Brynn captain of her guards and set her and Hanso the task of recovering dangerous faerie artefacts to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Random Events[edit]

Fyora may appear in a Random Event where she gives a ten percent discount on the next Hidden Tower item the player buys. This effect does not stack with the Hidden Tower discount day.

Bg faerieland.jpg
The Faerie Queen smiles as she flutters by you. She hands you a small ticket that reads: "Good for 10% off any one item in the Hidden Tower". Shopping trip!
Fyora2 shh.png

She may also summon a player to Faerieland. This takes the player to Faerieland instead of where they were on the site, but otherwise has no effect.

Bg faerieland.jpg
*Motes of light surround you.* You have received an invitation to visit Faerieland by Queen Fyora. What an honour! Maybe you will even see her there.
Fyora1 shh.png


  • As of October 2006, Fyora is featured in 62 different Items, including the Faerie Queen Doll, an avatar-item that allows one to get the Queen Fyora avatar.
  • There are two avatars featuring Fyora, the Fyora, Faerie Queen avatar and the Queen Fyora avatar.
  • Fyora Day is celebrated every year on June second.
  • Many Neopian Times writers use "Fyora" as a euphemism for a monotheistic deity, as direct religious references are not permitted.
  • Fyora's Neopedia article was added on October 17, 2009.

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