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Pronunciation: merry-dell
Released: July 30, 2002
Yooyuball team: Team Meridell
Meri Acres Farm · Meridell · Meridell Castle

Meridell is a medieval themed land that was released on July 30, 2002, as part of the Champions of Meridell plot. It is ruled by King Skarl and is protected by his brave knights.

In the Champions of Meridell plot, Lisha and her friends had to travel 300 years into the past in order to reach Meridell. However, Meridell's participation in recent plots like Neopets: The Darkest Faerie or the Altador Cup suggests that it now exists at the same point in time as the rest of Neopia.

In the sky above Meridell is Darigan Citadel, a large floating fortress which is currently ruled by Lord Darigan. The Darigan Citadel has declared war on land of Meridell twice.



Shops: Merifoods, Ye Olde Petpets
Games: Cheese Roller, Kiss the Mortog, Round Table Poker, Shape Shifter, Turdle Racing, Ultimate Bullseye
  • Illusen's Glade: At this location, users can received and complete quests from Illusen.
  • Mysterious Symol Hole: Users can send their Petpet down this hole and sometimes it will return with a prize.
  • Turmaculus: If a user's Petpet is able to wake the sleeping Turmaculus they may be rewarded or eaten.

Meridell Castle[edit]

Meridell Castle

Meridell Castle is a large white, gold, and red castle that sits at the heart of Meridell. Released on September 24, 2002, this castle is home to King Skarl and his knights.

Shops: Kayla's Potion Shop
Games: Double or Nothing, Escape from Meridell Castle, Grumpy Old King, Invasion of Meridell

Meri Acres Farm[edit]

Meri Acres Farm

Released on August 29, 2002, Meri Acres Farm is a lush farmland located on the northern border of Meridell. This peaceful, sunny area is inhabited by a number of farmers, and most of the activities here are related to fruits and vegetables. The games here are mainly farm themed, often involving vegetables.

Games: Attack of the Slorgs, Extreme Potato Counter, Guess the Weight, Potato Counter
  • Pick Your Own: At this location, users can pay a small fee to pick some of the farm's berries.
  • Rubbish Dump: Users can collect free items here. Most of the items found here are worthless, however, sometimes a rare or expensive item will appear.


Battle for Meridell[edit]

Main article: Battle for Meridell

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Champions of Meridell[edit]

Main article: Champions of Meridell

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Related Kingdoms[edit]


Main Article: Brightvale

Brightvale is peaceful kingdom that lies to the southwest of Meridell. It is ruled by King Skarl's older brother, King Hagan. The people of Brightvale treasure knowledge and wisdom above all else.


Main article: Team Meridell

Though they are known for their speed and excellent conditioning, Meridell's Yooyuball team lacks that certain spark that would allow them to make a serious run at championship. Over the years, the team has had respectable but unspectacular showings during the Altador Cup tournaments, placing as high as 5th and as low as 11th.

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