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The Dark Faerie Sisters, known as Malice, Spite, and Vanity, are the most devoted allies of The Darkest Faerie.

Plot summary[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

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Act 1[edit]

When The Darkest Faerie takes over Meridell, the Dark Faerie Sisters tell her that she has been forgotten for almost one thousand years. When The Darkest Faerie sees Tormund hiding behind a pillar, she orders the Dark Faerie Sisters to kill him. The Dark Sisters and this moment are immortal, Tormund cannot attack them. They pursue him, until Fauna shows Tor the entrance to the sewers, where the Dark faerie sisters force him to run to. The sisters don't want to get themselves wet and dirty in the fowl sewer, so they try to flush him out using a magic attack. Fortunately, they fail.

Act 3[edit]

When Tor and Roberta retrieve Fyora's Wand and find an entrance into the Dungeons King Skarl (who is under the Darkest Faeries control) is serving dinner to the sisters. Once they see Tor and Roberta they are shocked to see that Tor is alive, so they attempt once more to kill him. But then Roberta fires at the Sisters with Fyora's wand which takes away their immortality so Tor and Roberta kill all three of them to free Meridell.


  • Sold at the Toy Shop, doll versions of each sister were released on April 29, 2006.

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