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Light Faeries have radiant yellow wings.

Light Faeries are one of the six types of faeries that inhabit Neopia. They are associated with the magical element of light. In general, Light Faeries have golden eyes, blonde hair, and bright yellow wings.

Light Faeries are benevolent creatures that are dedicated to the causes of good. They prefer living on clouds in the upper levels of Neopia. Light Faeries are known to be great seers and can using simple trading cards to predict the future. If a creature is noble and bold of heart, these magical sprites can grant him or her powers such as bless and restore.

Light Faerie Quest[edit]

Main article: Faerie Quest

Like other faeries, Light Faeries will occasionally give users quests using the following random event:

Bg faerieland.jpg
Brilliant light blinds you. As it fades, a Light Faerie says, "Thank goodness you're here! Please find me <ITEM NAME>, kind Neopian."

The requested item is randomly selected; however it will always be a NeoDeck card that has a rarity of 69 or less. If the user completes the quest, the Light Faerie will raise the level of the user's active Neopet by 2.

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