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Eithne How to Draw final image.

Eithne is a Fire Faerie and a villain in both the Mystery Island Volcano plot and the Neopets Puzzle Adventure video game. She is portrayed as being deceptive and selfish.

Plot summary[edit]

Mystery Island Volcano[edit]

Main Article: Mystery Island Volcano

Eithne prevented users and Neopets from exploring the Mystery Island volcano, claiming that she was sent by Fyora to stop anyone from approaching the volcano. It was later revealed that she was actually helping the evil shaman Tura-Kepek to awaken and control Moltenus. Unfortunately for Eithne, users were able to finish the incantation to awaken Moltenus before her, causing Moltenus to attack Eithne.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure[edit]

Main article: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Eithne reappears in the video game Neopets Puzzle Adventure. In this game, she tricks the player's Neopet into helping her get inside the sealed catacombs of Sakhmet, where she steals a powerful artifact called the Fire Ward. She then uses this item's ability to absorb and control fire magic to successfully awaken and control Moltenus. After the player's Neopet defeats Moltenus, they battle and defeat Eithne and take the Fire Ward from her and destroy it. It is also revealed in this game that the reason that Eithne wants to control Moltenus is so that she can set Mystery Island aflame, thereby turning it into a paradise for a fire faerie.


  • Eithne is featured on an avatar released October 18, 2003. Currently retired, this avatar was awarded to the first 100 people who submitted the correct answer to the Mystery Island Volcano Plot.
  • Until the release of Neopets Puzzle Adventure, it was commonly believed that Eithne was eaten by Moltenus during the Mystery Island Volcano Plot.
  • Eithne appears in the game Key Quest as a hex card that destroys a random powerup.
  • A How to Draw tutorial for Eithne was released on February 17, 2005.
  • In real life, "Eithne" is an Irish name meaning "little fire."

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