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Siyana, The First to Rise

Siyana (also known as the First to Rise) is a Light Faerie who lives in Altador. She is one of the 12 heroes of Altador, and blessed the other mortal heroes with the gift of great longevity, ensuring their long and strong rule. She became a hero from saving a town from a gang of bandits.

Plot summaries[edit]

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie[edit]

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She only appears in a book found in Altador's library speaking of her joining the Twelve Heroes and being able to work with those of the dark side.

Altador Plot[edit]

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The First to Rise constellation was released on April 1, 2006. Going back to the Restive Tomb and clicking on a tiny link in the bottom left corner of the image would show you a breathtaking view of Altador. Return to the Hall of Heroes, click on Sasha's statue and then on the window behind her. On the following page, clicking one of the spots of bright light on the ground will show the constellation. After locating the constellation in the sky, Chapter 3 in the Book of Ages will appear. Users could also visit the Astronomy Club to pick up an Astronomy Club Membership Badge.

Book of Ages - Chapter 3, The First to Rise[edit]

Siyana's Book of Ages portrait

Long ago, when the Kingdom of Altador was little more than a whisper on King Altador's lips, the heroic legend of Siyana the light faerie arose. It is often said that through her actions alone, an entire village was saved from a most dreadful fate.

During her travels, Siyana once stopped at a small, peaceful farming village. The locals were kind, gracious Neopets, so Siyana stayed in their village for many weeks, helping to keep their crops from frosting over in the chilly nights.

One evening, after checking the crops, she spotted a shadowy form moving in the woods.

Suspicious, Siyana grabbed a thick blanket to hide her light and trailed the stranger at a distance, deep into the woods, until he joined a group of bandits gathered around a campfire. She flew in as close as she dared and listened from a high branch.

Siyana BOA Image01.gif

"Well done, scout," said their leader. "Soon that village will be ours!" Siyana dropped the blanket and fled as quickly as she could. One of the bandits spotted her and fired an arrow. A terrible pain shot through her left wing, and she fell to the ground. Though she couldn't fly, the courageous faerie ran as swiftly as her legs would carry her, with the bandits in close pursuit.

Siyana BOA Image02.gif

When she finally reached the village, Siyana was out of breath and could not shout to wake the villagers! Instead, she focused all of her light faerie power to glow as brightly as she could. Thinking the sun had risen, the villagers came outside, and saw the band of thieves approaching. They armed themselves and chased the bandits away for good.

The villagers could hardly express their gratitude to the light faerie. One of the farmers, a Kacheek named Florin, told her that there was a noble Lupe she should perhaps meet. When she did, Siyana the light faerie came to be one of the founders of Altador.


  • A doll of Siyana was released in the Toy Shop on May 31, 2006.
  • Siyana's Neopets TCG card is called Siyana of Talador, and Talador is the original name of the now present Altador. The first series of TCG cards were printed and released before the final decision of the name took place.
  • During The Faeries' Ruin, Siyana's artwork was not updated to show her as turned to stone.

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