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Ilere of the Woods

Ilere (also known as Ilere of the Woods) is a beautiful though deadly Earth Faerie who lives in the Haunted Woods. She is well known in at least some areas of the Haunted Woods, including Neovia, and is a figure of many stories.

Plot Summary[edit]

The Tale of Woe[edit]

Main Article: The Tale of Woe

As Reginald escaped with Sophie into the Haunted Woods while the whole of Neovia attacked their home, they came upon Ilere, who said there was no other safe place in the Haunted Woods for Sophie than with her. Sophie said she felt safe with her, so Reiginald allowed Ilere to take her. Ilere guided Sophie to an old shack filled with the tools she needed to survive, and left Sophie there.

10 years later, Sophie visits Ilere's home and asks her help for finding the Spirit of Slumber, to which Ilere called them mad and said the Spirit of Slumber was far too powerful, and told them to leave before they got hurt. Bruno then attacked Ilere in a rage, and while she defended herself with her magic Bruno got the upper hand. Before anything more developed, Sophie threw Ilere and Bruno apart with her magic. Caught in a magical spell by Sophie, Ilere acknowledged how powerful she had become, and when prompted by Sophie told her the Spirit of Slumber was an ancient spirit of a Neopet who had died long ago, before she ever came to the Haunted Woods. She then said there were others in the Haunted Woods who would know more about the spirit than her. As the trio turned to leave, Ilere said to Sophie, "For your own sake, I hope you fail."


  • In the Neopets TCG, Ilere is associated with the elements of Darkness and Earth.

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