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Air Faeries have beautiful blue wings.

Air Faeries are one of the six types of faeries that inhabit Neopia. They are associated with the magical element of air. In general, Air Faeries have blue eyes, blond hair, and blue butterfly-like wings.

Air Faeries are masters of the weather and the sky, and they love to dance on the wind. They are joyous creatures, though they tend to be a bit flighty. Air Faeries are also concerned about their appearance. They often request beauty products from others, and they always make sure to get plenty of beauty sleep.

Air Faerie Quest[edit]

Main article: Faerie Quest

Like other faeries, Air Faeries will occasionally give users quests using the following random event:

Bg faerieland.jpg
An Air Faerie swoops down and exclaims, “Hurray, someone who can help! Please find me <ITEM NAME>!”

The requested item is randomly selected; however it will always be a grooming item that has a rarity of 69 or less. If the user completes the quest, the Air Faerie will increase the movement of the user's active Neopet by 3.

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