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Water Faeries have mermaid-like tails.

Water Faeries are one of the six types of faeries that inhabit Neopia. They are associated with the magical element of water. In general, Water Faeries are mermaid-like beings that have blue eyes and blond hair. Unlike the other faeries, water faeries have no wings and, as such, cannot fly. Water Faeries will sometimes singing softly at night if they think that no one else is around.

Water faeries live in the rivers, streams, and oceans of Neopia. They guard the ancient secrets of magic and specialize in healing and defensive powers. Water faeries are considered the wisest of the faeries, and they will often seek out new books to expand their knowledge. Because of their hunger for knowledge, they are sometimes considered haughty.

Water Faerie Quest[edit]

Main article: Faerie Quest

Like other faeries, Water Faeries will occasionally give users quests using the following random event:

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A Water Faerie sniffs and says, “You probably won’t help, but I need <ITEM NAME> for my studies. I can’t tell you why.”

The requested item is randomly selected; however it will always be a book that has a rarity of 69 or less. If the user completes the quest, the Water Faerie will increase the defence of the user's active Neopet by 3.

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