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"One faerie, however, has never done anything to directly harm Neopia... and that's what has everyone so worried." - Gallery of Evil

Jhudora is one of the most powerful Dark Faeries in Neopia. She is deceptive, manipulative, and has a foul temper. Cautious and cunning, Jhudora tends to leave all her dirty work to her servants and followers. It is rumored that Jhudora has had a hand in many malicious events across Neopia, but, because no one has been able to prove her involvement in these events, she remains free. Regardless, Fyora and the other faeries keep a close eye on Jhudora at all times.

Jhudora has an intense hatred for Illusen. No one is exactly sure why this is, though it is rumored that Illusen might have see Jhudora perform a terrible evil act.

Jhudora lives in a decaying castle that sits on a bluff overlooking Faerieland. There she is attended to by her numerous Bartami servants and guarded by her two Gruslens, Sarah and Daisy. Neopets who are brave enough to venture into Jhudora's castle can fulfill a quest for her. No one is exactly sure what Jhudora does with the trinkets that she collects from these quests, but everyone agrees that she up to no good.

Jhudora's Bluff[edit]

Main Article: Jhudora's Bluff

Jhudora's Bluff is a quest game in which users must fetch randomly selected items for Jhudora. After accepting a quest from Jhudora, the player will have 16 minutes and 40 seconds to find the item that Jhudora requests. The requested item can be obtained through any means, and users are allowed to use the Shop Wizard to find the item. Users can only complete one of Jhudroa's quests every 12 hours. Because of Jhudora's and Illusen's mutual dislike of each other, users can not complete both a Jhudora quest and an Illusen quest within 12 hours of each other.

Random Events[edit]

There are two random events involving the Jhudora:

Bg faerieland.jpg
Jhudora appears in a flash of purple and green smoke and says, "Have you completed
one of my quests, today?"

Bg faerieland.jpg
Oh, look! Jhudora appears and hands you a gift. That was ni- wait... Jhudora!? A gift?!
Umm... are you sure you should have taken it?

The first event has no effect. The second event will put one of the below listed items into the user's inventory:

Poison Jelly Eraser
Poison Muffin
Poison Snowball
Poison Tipped Dagger
Poison Snowball Wand
Poisonous Snowflake

Better Than You[edit]

Jhudora has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: February 4, 2010 Illusen informed me very sweetly that she would be participating in the races today and couldn't come to my party. As though I would invite HER! Ha! To make things worse, she sent this disgustingly cute Carmariller with her message. Ugh, take it away. While you're at it, why don't you thrash Illusen in a few races, too?
Game: Faerie Cloud Racers
Score: 2,100
Prize: Carmariller


  • Jhudora Day is celebrated every year on February 4th.

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