Faerie Cloud Racers

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Faerie Cloud Racers
Faerie Cloud Racers
ID # 586
World Faerieland
Category Action, Multiplayer
High Scores
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Faerie Cloud Racers is a flash game where the user, as a Faerie, pilots a Cloud Racer to try and lock their opponent in smoke so that their is nowhere for them to move to. The current version of the game replaced the old, similar titled, game that now resides in the Game Graveyard.

How to Play[edit]

Hop into your Cloud Racer and try to head off your opponent with a thick trail of smoke. Using the arrow keys navigate your racer around trees, houses, and the smoke trail of each opponent. Try to defeat them as quickly as you can in order to earn as many points as possible.


After selecting a character as whom to play, the player will then enter a round against their opponents. Using, by default, the arrow keys, the user can change the direction of their Cloud Racer. The Racers of the player and their opponent will leave a thick trail of smoke, which, in addition to trees, houses, and other obstacles, the user must avoid running into.

The object of each round is to continue to be moving when their opponent crashes into something. The most common tactic is to try to encircle your opponent to lock them inside a ring of smoke from which they cannot escape.


In 2-player mode, both players must select their characters. By default, the first player manipulates their Cloud Racer with the arrow keys, the second player with the W, A, S, D keys. The object of the game is the same as in 1-player mode - to force one's opponent to crash.


The game can be played by up to two players, but both players must be at the same computer to play against each other. The user can only earn Neopoints for their score by playing in one-player mode, where the user flies against the computer.

The player or players can choose a Faerie to fly as - either a Fire Faerie, a Water Faerie, Taelia the Snow Faerie, Illusen the Earth Faerie, a Dark Faerie, the Space Faerie, the Tooth Faerie and a Light Faerie.

The player, in one player mode, will play against each of these other Faeries, and then against Fyora the Faerie Queen for the last level.

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