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The Space Faerie seems to be composed out of a night's sky.

Mira, often simply called the Space Faerie, is an extremely powerful faerie who lives among the stars. She protects Neopia, Kreludor, and the Virtupets Space Station from threats from outer space. She is most famous for defeating Dr. Sloth by turning his own mutation ray against him. Mira rarely visits the surface of Neopia, and usually only does so in the case of an utmost emergency.

The Space Faerie has short blue hair, red eyes, dark skin, and four dragonfly-like wings. She is usually seen wearing a distinctive blue top with red accents and leggings that glitter like the night's sky. Mira is one of the racers available in Faerie Cloud Racers and Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers and is also the star of the game Invasion: Blastoids!. She is also the mascot for Neopets Premium. Mira is one of the many challengers that users can fight in the Battledome, and she also occasionally gives out quests to lucky users.

Arrival of Virtupets[edit]

The Space Faerie warns all of Neopia of the coming danger.
Main article: Arrival of Virtupets

One day, the Space Faerie intercepted a mysterious, coded message from the depths of space. Sensing an overwhelming evil approaching Neopia, she sent a telepathic transmission to all of the planet's inhabitants, warning them of the approaching danger.

Shortly after this, the Virtupets Space Station appeared in the sky above Neopia. The Space Faerie decided to face Dr. Sloth head on, but the Sloth was able to capture Mira and imprison her in the space station's control room. Weaken by this encounter, the Space Faerie sent a final plea to users. She asked users to liberate the Grundos by adopting them. Every time a Grundo was adopted, the Space Faerie regained a little bit of strength. After users adopted the 20,000 Grundos, the Space Faerie was strong enough to break free from her prison.

The Space Faerie arrived to confront Dr. Sloth just as he was firing his mutation ray at Neopia. Mira was able to reflect the power of the ray back on itself, causing the weapon to overload and explode. Dr. Sloth retreated, and all of Neopia was saved. The Space Faerie returned to space, and the now abandoned space station was turned over to the Grundos.

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

Mira tells Scout about her token.
Main article: The Return of Dr. Sloth

Before the events of the story, the Space Faerie left to investigate a distubance in another galaxy. Unknown to her, this "disturbance" was merely one of Dr. Sloth's tricks designed to distract Mira while Sloth attacked the Virtupets Space Station. As soon as Mira realized that the disturbance was fake, she turned around and headed back towards the space station. Unfortunately, she had traveled so deep into space that she could not return in time to help the Resistance fight off Sloth's troops. As soon as she was within transmission range of the space station, the Space Faerie contacted Resistance Headquarters and informed them that her powerful magical token was mostly likely aboard Dr. Sloth's personal ship. Scout passed this information on to Gorix and Cylara who decided to sneak aboard Sloth's ship and retrieve the token. As the two traveled towards Sloth's ship, Mira taught Cylara the incantation to use the token's magic. Cylara later used this incantation to defeat Dr. Sloth by trapping him within the Space Faerie's token.

Space Faerie Quest[edit]

Main article: Faerie Quest

On rare occasions, the Space Faerie will give a user a quest via the following random event:

Bg faerieland.jpg
The Space Faerie appears, glittering with starlight. "I am getting a little tired of his
tricks. Would you find me <ITEM NAME>?"

The item that the Space Faerie asks for is randomly selected, but it will always have a rarity between 81 and 94. If the user brings Mira the requested item, the level of their active Neopet will be raised by 4.


Portrait 12.png
Space Faerie
Difficulty: 450Easy · 9,000Medium · 18,000Hard Starting HP: 550Easy · 11,000Medium · 22,000Hard
Arena: Neocola Centre Released: January 28, 2002
Status: Active Challenger ID: 12
Found by: Redeeming a rare item code.

Attack Fork
Exploding Space Bugs
Faerie Tabard
Jade Scorchstone
Space Faerie Helmet
Space Faerie Sun Wand
Supersize Gargantuplex
Wand of the Space Faerie

An Icicle.png
An Icicle
Lens Flare.png
Lens Flare
Positive Thinking.png
Positive Thinking
Rally Cry.png
Rally Cry
Static Cling.png
Static Cling


There is one avatar involving the Space Faerie:

SpacefaerieAvatar.gif Space Faerie
Defeat the Space Faerie in the Battledome.

Better Than You[edit]

The Space Faerie has been a contestant on Better Than You four times:

Date: April 5, 2007 Oh my! Have you seen what's been happening on the Virtupets Space Station? We must help those poor Petpets. I know it will be hard for you to keep up with me, but please do your best to aid them as much as you can. I'll even give you a reward if you manage to outdo me!
Game: Bumble Beams
Score: 2,050
Prize: Rotawheel Plushie

Date: October 22, 2009 Neopia's night skies are in trouble! I don't know if this is one of Dr. Sloth's evil schemes or just a really pretty form of pollution. All these spheres are making it pretty hard to fly around up here, though. It's going to take some dedicated spinning to clear this mess. You are going to help me, right?
Game: Spinacles
Score: 6,900
Prize: Adventures in Space

Date: September 13, 2012 What in the name of the first faerie are you doing out in space, Neopian? Comets are heading straight for Neopia and I don't have time to be a tour guide! If you can't help out, then at least stay out of my way.
Game: Invasion: Blastoids
Score: 60,000
Prize: Grape Slurpship

Date: August 22, 2013 Fortunately, the universe doesn't always need saving from the likes of Dr. Sloth. I like to spend some of my free time playing with the wonders of the stars, like this little game. It can be quite relaxing.
Game: Spinacles
Score: 6,000
Prize: Starry Paint Brush

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