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Web of Vernax
Web of Vernax
ID # 353
World Haunted Woods
Category Action
High Scores
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Web of Vernax is an action game released on March 25, 2004. Similar in play to the game JezzBall, users are placed in the role of a hungry Spyder. The goal of the game is to progress through an unlimited number of levels, capturing and eating Vernax in the webs they create.

How to play[edit]

Gameplay occurs through use of the mouse. Users have to spin webs and try to capture the Vernax in small enough webs. To make a web, users click the left mouse button somewhere on the game area drag the mouse in the direction they wish to go. When they release the button the Spyder will begin making a strand of web in that direction. Once the Spyder hits a web or the edge of the play area, the web will turn a solid grey colour.

If one of the Vernax hits a strand of web before it hardens a life will be lost (a total of 3 at beginning of play), and the web strand will be lost. Gameplay is also against the clock as Spyders have fast metabolisms, and they will starve if time runs out. A mutant Red Spyder will also appear in later levels to eat webs and can be defeated if they eat the end of a strand of webbing in the gaming area, falling from the games proposed ceiling area.

More points are earned by trapping Vernax in the smallest area possible, along with using a minimum of 4 webs or less to capture all the Vernax in a level. Eating Spyder Bites gives extra points as well. Depending on the length of the web strand the Spyder eats the Spyder Bite, more points can be given, and the number of Spyder Bites eaten are tallied during a game. If 10 Spyder Bites are eaten, the tally will be reset and the user gaina an extra life.

From level 1 to 7 the number of the Vernax rises. Level 8 and the following have the same number of Vernax as the previous levels. However, the Vernax are faster, making it more difficult to capture them.


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