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Neopian Adventure Generator
Neopian Adventure Generator
ID # 240
World Neopia Central
Category Adventure, Brain Busters, Puzzle
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The Neopian Adventure Generator is a "choose your own adventure" generator introduced on March 10, 2003, where users can use write their own adventures (i.e. interactive stories where the player can make their own choices on what they want to do) and play other people's adventures. The Generator is hosted by Borri, a Red Quiggle wizard.



Adventures are separated based on their genre into eleven categories as listed below. Each page shows the user forty adventures at a time along with the page count and its user rating, and refreshing the page (with the exception of the "Top 40" page) will show more random adventures. Clicking the "Play" button will make the adventure pop up in a new window.

Adventures themselves are divided into various pages which each explain the current happenings in the story, sometimes with an image located to the right that serves to illustrate the action. Adventures can be about any subject that one can think of - such as navigating a forest, babysitting Neopets for somebody, or personality quizzes, to name a few examples. A page can end with a maximum of four links, and each of them can lead the player to a different part of the story.


An example of a "Dead End" - in this case, where the player ends up unwittingly missing a job opportunity.

Some links will lead to pages that are "dead ends"; i.e. "bad" endings that require the player to restart the adventure from the beginning. The underlying goal is to reach the "finish line" of the whole story, which is designated with the words "The End!" under the main text.


Adventures can be rated on a scale from one to five stars by clicking one of the options at the bottom of the adventure. This has the advantage of possibly making the adventure appear in the "Top 40" list. It is even possible for the player to rate the same adventure multiple times (if one really loves a certain adventure), up to once per day.

Creating an Adventure[edit]

An example of "The End" - in this case, where the player finally escapes his or her impending doom.

The process to creating an adventure of one's own is fairly straightforward. The player first chooses a title, the land that it takes place in (the only effect that this option seems to have on the adventure is on the default color scheme provided), a genre, a color scheme for each element on the page, and whether or not to show page numbers.

Pages are listed in a "master list", which conveniently gives both brief snippets of each page's contents, the page numbers that the page links to, whether or not a page is a Dead End/Finish Line, or whether or not the page has an image or not. The player can click the "edit" button on an entry to edit that page's contents.

For an adventure to show up on the list of adventures for other users to play, an adventure must first be "locked". If the player then wishes to edit the adventure again, then he or she can then unlock and relock their adventure at will.


Neopets Adventure Spotlight[edit]

Users could submit their adventures to the Neoadventure Spotlight, and if their adventure was chosen, they won 10,000 Neopoints and received a trophy. The spotlight would be discontinued on June 6, 2009, with the final winner being the aptly-titled "The Last Neoadventure".


  • A recent glitch since 2014, as a result of Neopets' transition to new servers following its acquisition by JumpStart, makes it so that most of the category lists (except for the "Top 40" and "Random" lists) do not show any adventures and will instead show the text "There were no adventures found matching this criteria", effectively rendering most adventures directly inaccessible. Adventures can, however, still be accessed by clicking the link to them on a user lookup, or if the player remembers the username of the creator of the adventure.
  • Placing single quotation marks (') anywhere in a page's text will trigger the "Your page contained one or more inappropriate words" notice. As a result, contractions are unable to be used. Additionally, the "inappropriate words" filter is notorious amongst fans for being prone to trigger easily, leaving one confused to what the offending word(s) could be triggering it.
  • For a time, images could not be properly inserted in adventures. The glitch eventually disappeared at one point in 2014.

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