Time Tunnel

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Time Tunnel
Time Tunnel
ID # 536
World Kreludor
Category Brain Buster, Puzzle
High Scores
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Time Tunnel is a puzzle game released on 14 April 2005. It is set on Kreludor, where the player must decode the lock on a mysterious door found by Gorix and Cylara. It is an updated version of the game Codebreakers, which is now in the Game Graveyard.

How to play[edit]

To win the game, the player must completely unlock the door by releasing each of the twelve bolts. To release each bolt, the player must enter the correct code. The code solving mechanic plays out liked the board game Mastermind.

Codes are represented by a sequence of four stones. The player scrolls through the options for each place by clicking. When the player submits a code by clicking the unlock button, the door reports how close the code was to the right one: a green dot means one of the stones was the correct colour and in the correct place, an orange dot means one of the stones was the correct colour but was in the wrong place, and a white dot means one of the stones was the wrong colour. Codes can include blank spaces as well.

The player may attempt to solve each code twelve times. Each code they have already tried and the markers indicating how close it was remain on the door for review until the correct code is entered. At this point, the bolt is unlocked, all the slates are wiped, and the player has twelve more chances to unlock the next bolt.

The first five codes consist only of blank spaces or black, blue, or red stones. From the sixth bolt onwards, there is also an orange stone, and from the tenth bolt onwards, there is an additional purple stone.

The player earns more points the faster they solve each code. Once all the bolts are released, the player is shown a short cutscene where the door opens and Gorix sees a great pile of Space Station coins.


  • As of August 2011, the Time Tunnel is featured in two items - a book called Time Tunnel Game Guide and a Neocash item called Time Tunnel Music Track.
  • The background music for the game is available for download as an MP3 file from the Neopets Music page.

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