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Gorix's Gallery of Heroes portrait.

Gorix is a Blue Grundo from the Virtupets Space Station. After being enslaved by Dr. Sloth during his first invasion, he joined the Resistance, a secret society guarding against Dr. Sloth's return. He was instrumental in defeat him when he invaded in 2008.

Plot summary[edit]

Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

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Gorix was sent by the Resistance to meet the Scout, who had vital data for their cause. However, their rendezvous coincided with Commander Garoo seizing control of the Space Station, and in the confusion, Gorix inadvertently rescues the wrong Cybunny - Cylara, who was on holiday with her family. He, Cylara, and other members of the Resistance returned to free the real Scout and sent the civilians Garoo had captured back to Neopia on shuttles.

Scout revealed that Dr. Sloth was researching using Kreludite, a mineral found on Kreludor, to mutate Neopets. He had sent a spy to aggravate tensions between the Grundo brothers Xarthab and Zorlix, and while they were waging war, Sloth could covertly mine the mineral. Gorix and Cylara travelled to Kreludor in the hopes of uniting the brothers against Sloth.

On the moon, Gorix recognised Parlax, a former comrade who Gorix thought had been killed by Sloth. He realised that Parlax must have faked his death and had been working for the enemy all along. After revealing him to Xarthab and Zorlix as Sloth's agent, the two brothers put aside their differences and were reunited at last.

However, it was at this point Dr. Sloth turned his military might on the moon. The Resistance radioed Gorix to pass on a message from the Space Faerie - who had been tricked into going to another galaxy by Sloth to leave Neopia exposed. She explained that Dr. Sloth was still in possession of her token, an amulet he had captured during his first invasion. Gorix and Cylara sneaked aboard Sloth's mothership to find the token.

After they found the token and headed for Sloth, they discovered Parlax had escaped from Kreludor and fled to his master. Gorix and Parlax fought while Cylara said the incantation to trap Dr. Sloth. Parlax escaped as the mothership's self destruct sequence activated, and Gorix and Cylara just got to their shuttle in time.

Returning to the Space Station, they were praised as heroes. Shaking hands, Gorix and Cylara parted, with a promise that they'd see each other again soon.

Better Than You[edit]

Gorix has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: July 26, 2007 Hey, could you give me a hand here? Cylara and I found this hatch, and we really need to figure out what's inside. If you can get further than we did, I'll give you this coin I found.
Game: Time Tunnel
Score: 1,780
Prize: N-4 Information Retrieval Bot Coin

Date: May 1, 2008 I recently decided to take Cylara's advice and set aside some time for relaxing. I came to Kreludor for a vacation, and I just can't stop playing this new game of theirs! Everyone else has gone to bed, but I'm still itching for some competition. What do you say? Winner gets a prize!
Game: Spacerocked!
Score: 19,000
Prize: The Sun and You

Date: October 16, 2014 That blasted Grimilix has locked us out! I knew we couldn't trust him. If you can crack the code on this lock, I'll keep an eye out for rogue agents.
Game: Time Tunnel
Score: 1,720
Prize: Blue Moon Sundae


  • A Usuki doll of Gorix was released on March 13, 2008.
  • Gorix was a candidate for the Best Hero category for the 2008 Neopies.

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