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"Before trying to take over the world, it's perfectly acceptable to give yourself an unfair advantage."

Dr. Frank Sloth is one of the most infamous villains in the Neopets universe. He is an evil scientist bent on the destruction or conquest of Neopia and all who inhabit it. After the Space Faerie destroyed his mutation ray in the Arrival of Virtupets plot, and left his prized space station, Virtupets drifting in orbit, Sloth went into hiding, distributing Transmogrification Potions, only occasionally getting involved with the rest of Neopia - most notably during the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin plot. Despite hiding in whereabouts unknown, the Neopians were still able to contact him - and receive a reply - during the Neopet Version 2 plot.

The mastermind's return, originally anticipated for 2004, but delayed until 2008, was featured in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. The temporary shelving of this plot was referenced in the title of one of the games he is featured in, The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth. He is also featured or referenced in Neverending Boss Battle, ToyBox Escape, Carnival of Terror, Korbats Lab, and Splat-A-Sloth.

Dr. Sloth sometimes masquerades around Neopia as The Happiness Faerie. Like the existence of Jelly World, this is an inside joke in that despite The Happiness Faerie resembling Dr. Sloth with cardboard wings, he has still duped the Neopian population with his disguise.

His greatest achievements are the enslavement of the Grundos, an alien race, and his creation of the Transmogrification Potions, which change a Neopet into a mutant version. He has also created many futuristic machines, vehicles, weapons, and robots.

Plot summaries[edit]

Arrival of Virtupets[edit]

Main article: Arrival of Virtupets

In August 2000, Dr. Sloth came to Neopia with a giant, orbital space station and mutation ray, with plans of taking over Neopia and repopulating it with his Virtupets. In an encoded message, however, it was revealed that he actually intended to mutate all the Neopets on the planet. He was stopped by the Space Faerie, who reversed Dr Sloth's mutation ray and caused it to explode, leaving the abandoned station in orbit. The plot introduced the Grundos, and stopped Moehogs being limited edition.

It was revealed in The Return of Dr. Sloth plot that during his fight with the Space Faerie, Dr. Sloth managed to acquire the Space Faerie's Token for later study.

Brucey B and the Lucky Coin[edit]

Main article: Brucey B and the Lucky Coin

Having watched Brucey B play in the 3rd Annual Cheat! Championships, Dr. Sloth recognized the coin Brucey was using to win every game. Setting up a high-profile Cheat! game, a Jetsam named ??? working for Sloth won all of Brucey's money, and betted it against Brucey' Lucky Coin. He played one four, and as Brucey had already played four fours, he declared the Jetsam cheating. Somehow, Jetsam had cheated at Cheat!, and did, in fact, have the last four.

Dr. Sloth then used the coin to gain entrance to one of the pyramids in the newly rediscovered Lost Desert, and raided the tomb. Loading the plunder on-board his space ships, he used the artifact he had found there, the Staff of Alhasutek, to wage a war on Sakhmet with his Grundo army. Although the attack started well, Dr. Sloth soon had to use the staff to summon the Rock Beast to hold off the defenders, and when it was defeated, did not have time to reanimate it before Brucey B destroyed the staff.

The weapon's destruction reversed its curses, and Dr. Sloth made his escape in a space rocket built into one of the towers of the city.

Neopet Version 2[edit]

Main article: Neopet Version 2 (plot)

After Dr. Sloth escaped the Lost Desert, an old experiment he had left on the Space Station - Neopet Version 2 - awoke and took hostage several Neopets on vacation, in a lift. When the Neopian population wrote to Sloth, his reply briefly discussed how the NPv2 program could be deactivated, by acquiring the deactivation codes known to the program's original designers and the program itself. He didn't think the Neopians would actually be able to do it.

Hannah and the Ice Caves[edit]

Main article: Hannah and the Ice Caves (Plot)

A mock ending was made for Hannah and the Ice Caves, where Dr. Sloth appeared and changed Hannah into a Mutant, claiming revenge against her for cancelling his own plot - The Return of Doctor Sloth, that would be revived four years later - in favour of hers. A few users were able to catch it before it was reverted to the true ending.

The Tale of Woe[edit]

Main article: The Tale of Woe

Dr. Sloth does not actually appear in the Tale of Woe, but while Sophie was testing potions on her pet Meowclops, one of the results made it look like, act and believe it was Dr. Sloth.

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

Main article: The Return of Dr. Sloth

In 2008, Dr. Sloth distracted the Space Faerie with rumours of a disturbance in a distant part of space, and in her absence, began his return. Commander Garoo and his troop of Blumaroos took over the Space Station, and took the civilians prisoner. They were to be sent away for mutation and recruitment into Dr. Sloth's army, but their prison transports were hijacked at the last minute by the Resistance - a group that had been founded following the Arrival of Virtupets plot to defend Neopia in the event of Dr. Sloth's return - and sent to safety.

Dr. Sloth and his scientists had been experimenting with the mutagenic properties of Kreludite, planning to use it as a weapon. He manipulated the civil war between the Orange and Purple Grundos on Kreludor in order to secure his supply of the mineral, but after the Resistance united them by exposing Parlax as Dr. Sloth's agent, Dr. Sloth moved his battle fleet out to destroy the Orange and Purple factions.

Although the Grundos adapted their mining lasers as artillery against the battleships, they were severely outmatched by the armada, and would have been sorely defeated if not for the actions of Gorix and Cylara. They managed to sneak on board Dr. Sloth's own ship and get to the Space Faerie's token, which Dr. Sloth had acquired in his first conflict with the faerie. Commander Gormos, who had become dissatisfied with Dr. Sloth reducing him to an errand boy instead of sending him to the front lines, let the two Resistance members past to Dr. Sloth's atrium, where, using an incantation the Space Faerie had told her, Cylara was able to trap the doctor in the token. His ship's self-destruct sequence activated automatically, and after the explosion the token imprisoning the evil mastermind drifted silently through space.

Random Event[edit]

Dr. Sloth may appear in a Random Event, where he gives the user a Transmogrification Potion.

Bg virtupets2.jpg
A mad cackle echoes around you before Dr. Sloth appears! "The price for this [Transmogrification Potion] is merely your unquestioning loyalty." You take the potion. He didn't mean that, right?
Sloth shh.png

Better Than You[edit]

Dr. Sloth has been a contestant on Better Than You seven times:

Date: October 5, 2006 So, you think you can beat me at my own game? You pathetic little pest! Let's see how you cope with my ads -- my guess is that you'll be running to cower behind the Space Faerie before this game is over! MUAHAHA!
Game: Advert Attack
Score: 530
Prize: Dr Sloth Pumpkin

Date: April 12, 2007 You seriously think you can defeat me? You and your fellow pathetic lifeforms have no chance against my ship. Fight all you want, you're only delaying the inevitable. MUAHAHAHA.
Game: Neverending Boss Battle
Score: 4,750
Prize: The Handy Guide to Neopian Domination

Date: June 12, 2008 You pathetic creatures will never live through my onslaught. Come you fools and throw your life away to my warship! Your noble sacrifice might be touching if I actually cared, but I don't." *pushes button to fire* "MUAHAHAHAHA.
Game: Neverending Boss Battle
Score: 2,500
Prize: Grundo Sloth Sock Puppet

Date: September 3, 2009 Puny Neopian, you have lost the race before it even started. I have already hired Ace Zafara for the position, and he is making me millions -- millions, do you hear? If you can somehow prove yourself to be competent after all, I will spare you from being sludged. For today.
Game: Advert Attack
Score: 770
Prize: Dr Sloth Beanie

Date: January 28, 2010 Oh, good, my Mutant Milkshake has arrived... what?! You dare fire upon my ship? I might have admired your audacity, if you hadn't just spilled my Mutant Milkshake all over my robes. I blame you for this disaster even though you are clearly not in the same room. Grundos, launch missiles!
Game: Neverending Boss Battle
Score: 2,360
Prize: Star Map

Date: February 10, 2011 I have been informed that simple chemistry is responsible for what fools call 'love'. Thus, all I have to do is invent the perfect chemical solution and I will be able to make all of Neopia adore me! It's so obvious; why did I not think of it before? MWAHAHA HA HA HA HA! Hand me that beaker, you nitwit.
Game: Chemistry for Beginners
Score: 685
Prize: Dont Push That Button!

Date: November 19, 2015 Yes, please step right up and help run my factory. I could really use the funds for... research.
Game: Freaky Factory
Score: 1,450
Prize: Zero Gravity Parfait!


  • It is implied in the Neopets.com T&C FAQ that Dr Sloth's full name is Francis Q. Slothberg Esq.
  • Random Events which Sloth is part of...
    • A robot flies past you on fire! Help! Help! Dr. Sloth is after me!
    • Dr. Sloth and his "associates" take 20% of your Neopoints to support his next Neopian invasion effort. (A High Score Table exists for this event.)
    • Dr. Sloth has deemed you worthy of using his image on the NeoBoards! (Awards the Sloth! avatar.)
  • Being one of the most famous Villains of Neopia, he has many items created in his image, There are also a few avatars for Dr. Sloth:
sloth.gif Sloth! iheartslothy.gif I *heart* Sloth ihearthappiness.gif I ? Happiness!
  • It is uncertain if Dr. Sloth is a Neopet or not - in the editorial of issue 239 of the Neopian Times, it was asked what Neopet he was, and the answer was interrupted by Dr. Sloth himself, angered that someone would consider such a thing.
  • He has also apparently been involved in various catastrophic events in Neopia, such as the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.
  • The Halloween Moehog is designed to resemble Dr. Sloth.

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