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Commander Gormos is a Kougra hired by Dr. Sloth to lead his armies.

Plot Summary[edit]

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When Commander Gormos was ordered to get coffee for his master, Sloth, he met Gorix and Cylara. However, he let the two Neopets escape from the Virtupets Space Station, just because he was already stressed out.

Better Than You[edit]

Commander Gormos has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: August 11, 2011 Dr. Sloth may be indisposed, but that doesn't mean I can't carry out his orders. This factory must produce vast quantities of Kreludite-manufactured toys for our conquest of Neopia. Vast quantities, do you hear me?
Game: Freaky Factory
Score: 1,625
Prize: Evil Sloth Clone #177 (TCG)


  • Despite Gormos being a candidate for the Best Villain category during the 2008 Neopies, Gormos is featured in the Gallery of Heroes.
  • Gormos was featured in an animation from the 2008 Advent Calendar.

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